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Phrased Intermediate
Ahn Sung Hee (KOR), Choi Hee Eun (KOR), Jeon Young Ae (KOR), Kang Youn Seon (KOR), Kim Ha Na (KOR) & Kim Joo Yeon (KOR) - July 2022
Intro : 32 counts.

Sequence : A - B - B - A(16 counts) - B - A - B - B

Part A
[1-8] Fwd Mambo, Back Mambo, Point X3 , Hitch, Behind, Side, Cross
1&2Rock RF fwd(1), recover on LF(&), step RF back (2) ,Rock LF back(3), recover on RF(&), step LF fwd(4)
5&6&Point RF cross over LF(5), point RF to R side(&), point RF cross over LF(6), hitch RF(&)
7&8Step RF behind LF(7), step LF to L side(&), step RF cross over LF(8)

[9-16] Volta Turn 1/2 L, Cross SambaX2
1&2&3&4Turn 1/8 L step LF fwd(1), step RF next to LF(&), Turn 1/8 L step LF fwd(2), step RF next to LF(&)(9:00), Turn 1/8 L step LF fwd(3), step RF next to LF(&), Turn 1/8 L step LF fwd(4)(6:00)
5&6Cross RF over LF (5), Rock LF to L side (&), recover on RF (6)
7&8Cross LF over RF (7), Rock RF to R side(&), recover on LF (8)(6:00)
* RESTART : Here ( 12:00 )

[17-24] Corta Jaca, Cross, Side, Together, Corta Jaca, Cross, Side, Together,
1&2&Turn 1/8 L,Press Step RF heel fwd(1), Step LF in place(&), Step RF ball back(2), Step LF in place(&)
3&4Cross RF over LF (3), turn 1/4 R,step LF to L side(&), step RF next to LF(4) (body to 7:30 and hip push)
5&6&Press Step LF heel fwd(5), Step RF in place(&), Step LF ball back(6), Step RF in place(&)
7&8Cross LF over RF (7), turn 1/8 L step RF to R side(&), step LF next to RF(8) (body to 6:00 and hip push)

[25-32] Make 1/2 Turn L Walk R,L, Step,Lock,Step, Walk L,R, Step,Lock,Step
1-2, 3&4Turn 1/8 L step RF fwd(1), turn 1/8 L step LF fwd(2), step RF fwd(3), lock LF behind RF(&), step RF fwd(4)
5-8, 7&8Turn 1/8 L step LF fwd(5), turn 1/8 L step RF fwd(6), step LF fwd(7), lock RF behind LF(&), Step LF fwd(8)(12:00)

Part B
[1-8] Monterey 1/4 R Turn, Touch, Back,Touch,Step Back(With Body Roll)×2
1&2&Point RF to R side(1), turn 1/4 R step RF beside LF(&), point LF to L side(2), step LF beside RF(&)(3:00)
3&4Touch RF fwd(3), step RF back(&), Touch LF fwd(4)
5-6Step LF back(5), weight ending on LF(6)(with body roll)
7-8Step RF back(7), weight ending on RF(8)(with body roll)

[9-16] Point, Together, Point, Turn 1/4 R Together, Point, Together, Touch, Hip Bumps
1&2&Point LF to L side(1), step LF beside RF(&), point RF to R side(2),turn 1/4 R step RF beside LF(&)(6:00)
3&4&Point LF to L side(3), step LF beside RF(&),touch RF fwd(4), bump R hip fwd(&)
5&6&7&8Hip back(5), fwd(&), back(6), fwd(&), back(7), fwd(&), back(8)
Style option :
On 5-6 counts drag your hands from your hips to your head
On 7-8 counts shake your hands from inside to outside twice

[17-24] Flick, Step, Stomp, Turn 1/2 L, Back, Touch (X4)
1-4Step RF fwd, flick LF back(1), step LF fwd(2), stomp RF fwd(3), turn 1/2 L weight on RF(4)(12:00)
&5&6&7&8Step LF back(&), touch RF fwd(5), step RF back(&), touch LF fwd(6), step LF back(&), touch RF fwd(7), step RF back(&), touch LF fwd(8)

[25-32] Step, Rock, Recover, Cross, Rock, Recover, Cross, Turn 1/4 R Jazz bax
&1&2Step LF cross over RF(&), rock RF to R side(1), recover on LF(&), step RF cross over LF(2)
3&4Rock LF to L side(1), recover on RF(&), step LF cross over RF(4)
5-8Step RF cross over LF(5), turn 1/4 R Step LF back(6), Step RF to R side (7), Step LF cross over RF(8)(3:00) (with shimmy)

Ending : You will be facing 12 O’clock,second finger up.




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