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Glass of Wine

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Absolute Beginner
Malene Jakobsen (DK) - July 2022
Cry to Me - Kilotile : (iTunes)
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Intro: 32 counts from the beat 22 sec. seconds into track, dance begins with weight on L

[1-8] Stomp, swivels, stomp, swivels
1-2-3-4(1) Stomp R diagonally fwd., (2-3-4) swivel L - heel, toes, heel towards R 12.00
5-6-7-8(5) Stomp L diagonally fwd., (6-7-8) swivel R – heel, toes, heel towards L 12.00

[9-16] Back, touch clap, back, touch clap, back, touch clap back, touch clap
1-2-3-4(1) Step diagonally back on R., (2) touch L next to R and clap, (3) step diagonally back on L, (4) touch R next to L and clap 12.00
5-6-7-8(5) Step diagonally back on R., (6) touch L next to R and clap, (7) step diagonally back on L, (8) touch R next to L and clap 12.00

[17-24] Vine with cross, side rock, cross, side
1-2-3-4(1) Step R to R, (2) cross L behind R, (3) step R to R, (4) cross L over R 12.00
5-6-7-8(5) Rock R to R, (6) recover onto L, (7) cross R over L, (8) step L to L 12.00

[25-32] Back rock, 1/4, jazz box with a cross
1-2-3-4(1) Rock back on R, (2) recover onto L, (3) step fwd. on R, (4) turn 1/4 L 9.00
5-6-7-8(5) Cross R over L, (6) step back on L, (7) step R to R, (8) cross L over R 9.00

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Julie Gillmore October 29, 2022
Love this dance, lots of fun teaching it x

tomgcoleman June 17, 2023
So fun, and high energy. There are some tricky steps... level is beginner, not absolute beginner. If someone had never done line dancing before I think this would be too much to learn in 5 minutes.

Sascha Wolf July 6, 2023
Nice Dance - Love it. But not AB!

DancingQueen October 6, 2023
Nice floor split with Paul McAdam’s classic “Cry to Me.”

Helen Bang October 24, 2023
I agree, this is a beginner not an AB dance because of the vines with the cross step (instead of just regular vines) and the unusual rock back and 1/4 turn in the final section. I suspect the choreographer hasn't taught an AB class where dancers are struggling with AB-L - a stroll forward and back and a grapevine right and left!

elvecioleon January 23, 2024
I absolutely agree with "tomgcoleman" and "Helen Bang", I also think that the steps in point 3 are incorrect, because the first four counts are a simple "weave step" and not "vine step with cross"

SherMcIntosh February 27, 2024
Great Dance! Will definitely add to my class teach list!!

Keep on Dancin March 2, 2024
check this out---BANG BANG (EZ) Annemaree Sleeth (AUS) - September 2014---Similar?

Abby2010 April 4, 2024
Always a favourite! I agree with the others regarding it being classified as Beginner not AB

Maria HH April 10, 2024
Great Dance.. Very satisfying if you're on a wooden floor that makes a good sound when you STOMP at the start of the sequence. My classes love it. And it's NEVER too early for a GLASS of WINE!

CntrySigns July 3, 2024
Off the deep end from Priscilla block is a good fast tune for it 🤗

G Q July 3, 2024
Sorry loved the original track .but not this music.the dance is good..the bump bump of thd music not our cuppa tea

Lisanne71 July 7, 2024
I put this dance to A Bar Song (Tipsy), and my class loves it!! Great dance!

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