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Wo De Xin Li Cha Cha

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DQLD (INA) - July 2022
Intro : 20 Count, Start on lyric “Ni”
Restart (after 16c) on Wall 3, Wall 8 and Wall 12
TAG (16c) After Wall 4

S1: Coaster Step, Lock Step Forward, Pivot L, 1/2 Turn Left Back Lock Step
123Step back RF, Step LF next to RF, Step RF forward
4&5Step LF forward, Lock Rf behind RF, Step LF forward
67Step RF forward, Turn ½ L Recover LF (06.00)
8&1Turn ½ L Step RF back, Lock LF infront of RF, Step Rf back (12.00)

S2: ¼ L Rock Back, Side Shuffle, ¼ R Rock Back, Kick
23Turn ¼ L Step LF back, Recover RF (09.00)
4&5Turn ¼ R Step LF to L, Step RF next to LF, Step LF to L (12.00)
678Turn ¼ R Step RF back, Recover LF, Kick RF forward (03.00)
Restart Here On Wall 3, 8 and 12

S3: Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Forward, Sweep, Back, Together
12Rock RF to R, Recover LF
3&4Step RF across LF, Step LF slightly L, Step RF across LF
56Step LF forward, Turn ½ R Sweep RF from front to back (09.00)
78Step RF back, Step LF next to RF

S4: Walk Diagonal 2x, Touch, Bump hip 3x
12Diagonally L Step RF forward (07.30), Hold
34Diagonally R Step LF forward (10.30), Hold
5Squaring to 09.00 Step Rf beside LF (styling : both palms hit upper thighs)
678Bump hip to L 3X Weight end on LF (Styling : Drag up both palms through body until arms straight up)

TAG (16c) After Wall 4 (03.00)
1234Step RF forward, Hold, Turn ¼R Step LF forward, Hold
5678Turn ¼R Step Rf forward, Hold, Turn ¼R Step LF forward, Hold (12.00)
1234Step RF forward, Hold, Turn 1/2L Step down LF, Hold
5678Turn 1/2L Touch RF to R (5), Hold (6) (open both arms to side on 5-6), Touch RF next to LF (7) (head look down, palms on upper thighs), Lift head up (8)

Ending : After Wall 13 facing 09.00, add TAG 12c [change count 11 to touch LF forward, hold(12)] wait for the last 2 heavy beat, do free style pose.

Have fun!

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