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Everything's Changed

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Gary Parker (AUS) - July 2022
Everything's Changed - Lonestar
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#32 Count Intro – Start on the vocals.

Step, Behind, Side, Cross, Replace, Side, Cross Shuffle.
1 2Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Behind Right.
3 4Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Across Right.
5 6Replace Weight On Right, Step Left To Left Side.
7&8Cross Shuffle, Right, Left, Right.

Side, Behind, 1/4 Shuffle, Rock, Replace, 1/2, 1/4
1 2Step Left To Left, Step Right Behind Left.
3&4Turning 1/4 Left, Shuffle Forward, Left, Right, Left.
5 6Step Forward Right, Replace Weight On Left.
7 8Turning 1/2 To Right, Step Forward Right, Turning 1/4 Right, Step Left To Side.

Right Sailor Step, Left Sailor Step, Step 1/2 Pivot, Walk, Walk.
1&2Step Right Behind Left, Step Left To Left, Step Right To Right. (Sailor Step)
3&4Step Left Behind Right, Step Right To Right, Step Left To Left. (Sailor Step)
5 6Step Forward Right, 1/2 Pivot Left, Weight On Left.
7 8Walk Forward Right, Left.

Mambo Step Forward, Walk Back, Left, Right, Coaster Step, Left, Right, Left, 1/4 Pivot.
1&2Step Forward Right, Replace Weight On Left, Step Back On Right. (Mambo Step)
3 4Walk Back Left, Right.
5&6Step Left Back, Step Right Next To Left, Step Forward Left.(Coaster Step)
7 8Step Forward Right, 1/4 Pivot Left, Weight On Left.

Side Rock, Replace, Behind, Side Rock, Replace, Behind, Side, Step Forward.
1 2 3Rock Right To Right Side, Replace Weight On Left, Step Left Behind Right.
4 5 6Rock Left To Left Side, Replace Weight On Right, Step Left Behind Right.
7 8Step Right To Right Side, Step Forward Left.

Step 1/2 Pivot, Shuffle Forward, Step 1/2 Pivot, 1/2 Shuffle Back
1 23&4Step Forward Right, 1/2 Pivot Left,Weight On Left, Shuffle Forward, Right, Left, Right.
567&8Forward Left, 1/2 Pivot Right, Weight On Right, 1/2 Turn Right, Shuffle Back, Left, Right, Left.

Rock Back, Forward, Cross Point, Cross Point, Sailor 1/4 Turn.
1234Rock Back Right, Rock Forward Left, Cross Right Over Left, Point Left To Left Side.
567&8Cross Left Over Right, Point Right To Right Side. Right Sailor Step, 1/4 Turn Right. *

Step 1/2 Pivot, Step 1/2 Pivot, Rock Forward, Back, Back, Touch.
1234Step Forward Left, 1/2 Pivot Right, Weight On Right, Repeat.
5678Rock Forward Left, Replace Weight On Right, Step Back Left, Touch Right Next To Left.**

*On Count 56 On Wall 2 Facing The Front Do A Sailor Touch, Then Restart.
**At the End Of Wall 4 Facing The Front, Do A Full Rocking Chair For Counts 61 To 64.
*Then Add the 8 Count Tag.
*2 x 1/2 Pivots With A Rocking Chair Touch To Start The Dance Again.

Contact – Gary Parker


AussieJules August 16, 2022
we need a video please

Iris Wolff September 30, 2022
Beautiful dance and music, Gary! Good luck! 🤩👍

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