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Like I Love Country

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Beginner / Improver
Donna King (USA) - July 2022
Like I Love Country Music - Kane Brown
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Intro: Starts after 16 counts

Right Step Lock Shuffle and Left Lock Step Shuffle
1,2,3&4Right Lock step, shuffle R,L,R
5,6,7&8Left Lock step, shuffle L,R,L

Side, Behind, Cross and Pivot 3/4, Step On Right ¼ Turn Left, Step out, Behind, Out
1-2Step right to right side, Step left behind right
3-4Step right to right, Step left across right, pivot 3/4 turn (9:00)
5-6stepping forward on right 1/4, (12'00) Step left to left
7-8Cross right behind left, Step left to left side

Pivot Right Foot ¼ Turn Left (2x), 2 Hip Bumps Right then Left
1,2,Step right foot to forward ¼ Left,
3,4,Step right foot to forward ¼ Left,
5,6, 2 hip bumps to the right,
7,8 2 hip bumps to the left

R Step, L Toe Touch, L Step and R Kick, 2x Rock steps
1,2,Step right forward, Touch left toe behind right foot
3,4Step back on left, Kick right foot forward
5,6Syncopated Rock steps, stepping forward on right and back on left
7,8Syncopated Rock steps, stepping forward on right and back on left
**Restart on wall 5 after 32 counts

Grapevine Right with 2 Heel Swivels
1,2,3,4Step right to right, Left behind right, Right to right, Left beside right
5,6,7,8Swivel both heels right, center, right, center

Grapevine Left with 2 Heel Swivels
1,2,3,4Step left to left, Right behind left, Left to left, Right touch beside left
5,6,7,8Swivel both heels left, center, left, center


**1 Restart on wall 5 after 32 counts

Let’s Dance

Last Update: 29 Jul 2022


Trish Ryan July 22, 2022
Love it!!

Wanda York July 23, 2022
Love the choreography and the music.

Bestie July 24, 2022
Super fun dance!

MaryUaQF July 26, 2022
That's my DD - Dancin Donna!!!! Cool Danceā™”

sharon01 July 28, 2022
Great dance

Donna D. August 1, 2022
great dance! Would love a tutorial.

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