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Snowy Down In New Orleans

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Lindsay Spence (SCO) - July 2022
Sunny In Seattle - Blake Shelton
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start on vocals no tags or restart in this dance

section 1 Weave right, right side rock, right cross shuffle
1,2,3,4right side,left behind,right side,left cross over right,
5,6right side rock recover
7&8right cross over left,left to side, right cross over left

section 2 Weave left, left side rock,left cross shuffle
1,2,3,4left side, right behind left,side, right cross over left,
5,6left side rock recover
7&8left cross over right,right to side, left cross over right

section 3 Right rumba box back.
1,2right to right side, left beside right
3&4right back, left beside, right back
5,6left to left side ,right beside,left
7&8left forward,right forward,left forward

section 4 Walk forward right,left,right touch,walk back left,right,left touch
1,2,3,4walk forward right,left,right touch
5,6,7,8walk back left,right,left touch

section 5 Monterey ½ Monterey ¼ turn
1,2,3,4right out,in,turn ½ left out in
5,6,7,8right out,in turn ¼ left out,in

section 6 Right rocking chair, right ,left, heel switches ½ turn
1,2,3,4right rock forward, right rock back
5&6&7,8right heel forward recover,left heel forward recover, step forward on right making ½ turn

section 7 Right,left, heel switches ½ turn, right rock forward, right coaster step
1&2 &3,4right heel forward recover, left heel forward recover, step forward on right making ½ turn
5,6,7&8right rock forward recover, right in place beside left, right forward

section 8 Left rock, left coaster, right step turn ½ left step turn ½
1,2left rock forward recover
3&4step left in place,right beside,step left forward
5,6step right forward making ½ turn
7,8step right forward making ½ turn

Hope you enjoy this dance !!!

Last Update - 23 July 2022


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