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Blue Jean Country Queen

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Wayne Beazley (AUS) & Amanda Moore (AUS) - 23 July 2022
Blue Jean Country Queen (feat. Steve Wariner) - Kimberly Kelly : (iTunes and Spotify)
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Officially released at my workshop at Sawtell, July 23rd 2022

**2 x Restarts (wall 3 after 12 counts, and Wall 6 after 40 counts)
Start after 20 counts

S1 Side R, Touch, L Fwd, Flick R, Stomp R Fwd x3, Kick L to Diagonal
1 2Step R to side, Touch L together
3 4Step L slightly forward, Flick R leg beside L
567Stomp R forward, Stomp R forward, Stomp R forward
8Kick L forward at L diagonal

S2 Cross, Side R, Cross, Hitch R, Double Hips R, Single Hips LR
1 2Step L across R, Step R to side
3 4Step L across R, Hitch R knee beside L
(Restart here on Wall 3)
5&6Step R slightly forward bumping hips to R & centre, hips R
7 8Bump hips L, Bump hips R

S3 Freeze L- ¼ L, Scuff R, Paddle ½ L, Paddle ¼ L
1 2Step L to side, step R behind,
3 4¼ turn L-step L forward, scuff R beside L (9 o’clock)
5 6Step R forward, paddle turn ½ L (3 o’clock)
7 8Step R forward, paddle turn ¼ L(12 o’clock)

S4 Toe Struts Fwd R,L, Stomp R Fwd, Shimmy ½ Turn L
1 2Step R toe forward, Place heel on ground
3 4Step L toe forward, Place heel on ground
5Stomp R forward,
6 7 8Shimmy shoulders & bending knees for 3 counts turning ½ L ending with weight on R (6 o’clock )

S5 L Fwd, Hold, R Fwd, Hold, Pivot/Turn ½ L, Hold, R 45, Touch R Tog
1 2Step L forward, Hold
3 4Step R forward, Hold
5 6Pivot/Turn ½ L, Hold (12 o’clock)
7 8Touch R heel forward at 45°, touch R toe together
(Restart here on Wall 6)

S6 Modified V Step, Heel drop/Raises x3, Hold
1 2Step R forward at R diagonal, Step L forward at L diagonal (feet should be shoulder width apart)
3 4Step R together, touch L toe together keeping L heel off the ground
5Drop L heel to floor whilst raising R heel
6Drop R heel to floor whilst raising L heel
7 8Drop L heel to floor whilst raising R heel, Hold

S7 Shuffle R, Rock back, Recover, Shuffle L, Rock back, Recover
1&2Shuffle to R side - RLR
3 4Rock L back, Recover weight on R
5&6Shuffle to L side - LRL
7 8Rock R back, Recover weight on L

S8 ¼ R Monterey Turn, Touch L Tog, Big Step L, Drag, Rock Behind, Recover
1 2Touch R to side, Turning ¼ R step R together (3 o’clock)
3 4Touch L to side, Touch L together
5 6Take an extended step to L side, drag R together
7 8Rock R back, Recover weight on L

To finish, you should end with the shimmies to the front wall.



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