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You're the Best Thing

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Berit Hvenegaard (DK) - July 2022
Best Thing Since Backroads - Jake Owen
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Intro: 8 counts from hard beat - start on the word “one” - Start with RF

(1-8) Stomp, swivel, sugarfoot, step 1/4 cross shuffle, unwind 1/2
1&2Stomp RF forward, swivel heels right/center (weight on RF)
3&4Toe-heel-stomp with LF
5&Step forward on RF and turn 1/4 to the left (9:00)
6&7Cross shuffle RF over LF
8Unwind 1/2 turn (ending with weight on RF) (3:00)

(9-16) Behind side cross, side touch side, behind, 1/4, shuffle, 1/4
1&2LF behind RF, RF to the right, LF across RF
3&4RF to the right, touch LF beside RF, LF to the left
5&RF behind LF, 1/4 turn to the left stepping forw. on LF (12:00)
6&7Shuffle forward RLR
8Turn 1/4 to the left shifting weight to LF (9:00)

(17-24) Shuffle, step tap back, shuffle 1/2, chasssé 1/4
1&2Shuffle forward RLR
3&4Step forward on LF, tap RF behind LF, step back on RF
5&6Shuffle 1/2 turn left LRL (3:00)
7&8Chassé 1/4 turn left RLR (12:00)

(25-32) Coaster step, scuff, walk 2 w/scuff, rock 1/2, step 1/4, stomp 2
1&2&Step back on LF, step RF beside LF, step forward on LF, scuff RF
3&4&Step forward on RF, scuff LF, step forward on LF, scuff RF
5&6Rock forward on RF, recover on LF, turn 1/2 to the right and step forward on RF (6:00)
7&8Turn 1/4 to the right by stepping LF to the side, stomp RL (9:00)

Ending: Dance wall 7 to count 30, make a full turn right and stomp 2
7-8Turn 1/2 stepping back on LF, turn 1/2 stepping on RF
&1Stomp forward on LF and stomp RF beside LF - TADAAAA

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