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High Beginner
Jhon Batin (INA) - July 2022
Sharks - Imagine Dragons
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** 1 Restart on wall 4 (after 16c) facing 09:00
** No Tag
** Start dance on Vocal

Sec 1: Lock Shuffle Forward Diagonal, Cross Behind, Forward, Big Step, Touch, Kick Ball Cross
1-2Step R diagonal forward to right side, cross L behind R
3&4Step R forward, cross L behind R, step R forward
5-6Big step L to left side, touch R beside L
7&8Kick R forward, together and ball of R, cross L over R

Sec 2: Rock Forward, Back R-L, Coaster Step, Out Out, Swivet
1-2Step R forward, recover on L
3-4Step R back, step L back
5&6Step R back, close L together R, step R forward
&7Step L out to left side, step R out to right side
&8Twist R toe to right and L heel to left (with weight on R heel and L toe), step R and L recover back to center (with weight on L)

Sec 3: Side Rock, Behind Side Cross, Twist, 1/4 Turn, Coaster Step
1-2Step R to right side, recover on L
3&4Cross R behind L, step L to left side, cross R over L
5-6Tap L heel to left side, twist L toe to left while making 1/4 turn left (09:00) stepping R backward
7&8Step L backward, close R together L, step L forward

Sec 4: Paddle Turn with Hip Roll, Vaudeville Left, Cross Shuffle
1-2Turn 1/4 left step R to side with hip roll, recover on R (06:00)
3-4Turn 1/4 left step R to side with hip roll, recover on R (03:00)
5&Cross R over L, step L to left side
6&Tap R heel diagonal forward to right, step R next to L
7&8Cross L over R, step R to right side, cross L over R

Happy Dancing … !

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Wenarika July 27, 2022
Vote 4

Jhon Batin July 28, 2022
Thank you.. Wenarika

Marchy Susilani July 29, 2022
Vote 17 Succes ya

Jhon Batin July 29, 2022
Thanks ya, Marchy Susilani

bbeerrtthhaa January 24, 2024
I love this version ! I taught it to my class last night!!

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