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So Good It Hurts

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Daniel Exton (UK) - July 2022
S1: Big Step, Slide, Big Step, Slide, Grapevine 1/4 Turn
1, 2Big Step to the Right, Slide Left foot next to Right
3, 4Big Step to the Left, Slide Right next to Left
5, 6Right foot to Right side, Left foot behind Right
7, 8Right foot forward with 1/4 turn Right, Left foot next to Right

S2: Mambo Step, Coaster Step, Charleston Step
1 & 2Right foot forward, Left foot next to Right, Right foot back
3 & 4Left foot back, Right foot next to Left, Left foot forward
5, 6Right foot forward, Sweep Left foot round and Touch in front of Right foot
7, 8Sweep Left foot back, Right foot Touch behind Left and sweep out ready for next step

S3: (Rock and 1/2 Turn, Walk, Walk) x2
1 & 2Rock forward on Right foot, Recover onto Left, Right foot forward with 1/2 turn Right
3, 4Walk forward Left, Right
5 & 6Rock forward on Left, Recover onto Right, Left foot forward with 1/2 turn Left
7, 8Walk forward Right, Left

S4: Cross and Side, Cross and Side, Monterey 1/4 Turn, Kick Ball Change
1 & 2Cross Right over Left, Left foot back, Right foot to Right side
3 & 4Cross Left over Right, Right foot back, Left foot to Left Side
5 &Touch Right to Right side, Touch Right next to Left whilst doing a 1/4 turn Right
6 &Touch Left to Left side, Touch Left next to Right
7 & 8Kick Right foot forward, Right foot next to Left, Left foot next to Right

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