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Absolute Beginner
Doug Mazzola (USA) - July 2022
Chantilly Lace - The Big Bopper
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Intro: 64 counts. No tags or restarts.

S1: Heel Struts Forward
1,2Step right heel forward (1), drop right toe (taking weight onto right foot (2)
3,4Step left heel forward (3), drop left toe (taking weight onto left foot (4)
5,6,7,8Repeat above sequence.

S2: Step-back touches with claps
1,2Step back diagonal right (1), touch left toe alongside right foot (and clap) (2)
3,4Step back diagonal left (3), touch right toe alongside left foot (and clap) (4)
5,6,7,8Repeat steps above (1-4)

S3: Swivel Right, Clap on 4; Swivel Left, Clap on 8
1With equal weight on both feet (weight forward on balls of feet) slide both heels to right (1)
2Shift weight back to both heels, slide both toes to right (2)
3,4Repeat counts one & two, clapping on count 4
5,6,7,8Repeat 1-4, this time traveling to the left, clapping on count 8 (shift weight to left foot)

S4: Hip bumps, Hold (right & left), Step forward, “Pivot, half-turn Left”
1,2Hip bump side right (1), Hold (2)
3,4Hip bump side left (3), Hold (4) (weight on left foot)
5,6,7,8Place right foot in front of left foot (5), and pivot half turn left on counts 6,7,8, ending with weight on left foot.

End of dance.

Enjoy & Share!

I can be reached (Doug Mazzola) by email at
Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel- “Dance In Sync” line dancing.


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