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Running to the Sunshine

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Mickael Godeau (BEL) & Gregory Danvoie (BEL) - August 2022
Sunshine - OneRepublic
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S1. Side, behind, side, cross, side chasse, back rock, recover
1-2RF step to the side, LF cross behind RF
3-4RF step to the side, LF cross over RF
5&6RF side chasse
7-8LF back rock, recover

S2. Side, hold & clap, together, side, scuff, jazz box 1/4
1-2LF step to the side, hold (clap in your hand during hold time)
&3-4RF step next to LF, LF step to the side, RF scuff
5-8RF jazz box with 1/4 turn to the R

S3. Stomp fwd, bounce X3, cross over & touch X2
1-4RF stomp fwd, bounce X3 with 1/4 turn to the L
5-6RF cross over LF, LF touch to the side
7-8LF cross over RF, RF touch to the side

S4. Cross rock, recover, shuffle fwd 1/4, step fwd, pivot 1/2, run X3
1-2RF cross rock over LF, recover
3&4RF Shuffle fwd with 1/4 turn to the R
5-6LF step fwd, make a pivot with 1/2 turn to the R
7&8LF step fwd, RF step fwd, LF step fwd (run-run-run)
Option : triple step (L-R-L) with a full turn to the R

Tag & restart :
At wall 10 (9 O’clock)
After the second section of the dance, tag :
1-4RF stomp fwd, bounce X3 with 1/4 turn to the L
&restart the dance

Gregory Danvoie xxx


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