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Yellow Jacket (땡벌)

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Kim Duck Hwa (KOR) - August 2022
Bumble Bee (땡벌) - Kang Jin (강진)
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Restart : facing 6:00. after 7W 24C
Intro : 56Count

Section 1 RF toe strut. LF toe strut. Jazz box
1-2Touch RF toes fwd, step down on RF
3-4touch LF toes fwd, step down on LF
5-6Step RF cross over left , Step LF back
7-8Step RF on right side, Step LF Cross

Section 2 R Hully Gully. L Hully Gully.
1-2RF Side step right, LF step next to the RF
3-4RF Side step right, LF touch next to the RF
5-6LF Side step right, RF step next to the LF
7-8LF Side step right, RF touch next to the LF

Section 3 Rocking Chair. R/L Side step. Behind touch
1-2Rock Fwd on RF, Recover weight on LF,
3-4Rock Back on RF, Recover weight on LF
5-6RF Side step, LF Behind touch
7-8LF Side step, RF Behind touch

Section 4 R/L Side step. Cross touch × 4 - making 1/4 turn right (3:00)
1-2RF Side step, LF Cross touch
3-41/8 turn right LF Side step(1:30), RF Cross touch
5-6RF Side step, LF Cross touch
7-81/8 turn right LF Side step(3:00), RF Cross touch

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Last Update - 19 Aug 2022


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