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Debbie Rushton (UK) & Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - August 2022
21 Reasons (feat. Ella Henderson) - Nathan Dawe
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Sequences : A-A-B-A-A-B-A-A16 restart-B-B

A: 32
Walk, Walk, Walk, Chassé L, Rock, Sweep, Behind Side Cross
1-2-3Walk R,L,R (1,2,3) 12’
4&5Step L forward (4), Step R next L (&), Step L forward (5),
6-7Rock R forward (6), Recover on L and Sweep R (7),
8&1Cross R behind L (8), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (1)

Hold, And Cross, Hold, And 1/4L Step, Pivot 1/2L, Step, Kick Ball Step Sweep
2Hold (2),
&3-4Step L to L (&), Cross R behind L (3), Hold (4)
&5-61/4L Step L forward (&), Step R forward (5), Pivot 1/2L (6) 3’
7-8&1Step R forward (7), Kick L forward (8), Step L next R (&), Step R forward and start sweeping L around (1)

Cross, Chassé, Rock, Recover, 3/8L Turn
2-3Keep sweeping L around (2), Cross L over R with 1/8R (3) 4.30’
4&5Step R forward (4), Step L next R (&), Step R forward (5)
6-7-8Rock L forward (6), Recover on R (7), 3/8L Step L forward (8) 12’

Turning Hip Rolls 1/4L x2, Jazz Box
1-21/4L Step R to R (1), Cross L over R (2) 9’
3-41/4L Step R to R (3), Step L next to R (4) 6’
Note : While rotating, Roll your hips anticlockwise from L to the back and R
5-6Cross R over L (5), Step L back (6)
7-8Step R to R (7), Step L forward (8)

B: 32
Walk, Walk, Side Rock, Recover, Cross 1/8L , Bounce 1/4L, 1/4L Rock, Back Sweeps
1-2Walk L (1) , Walk R (2),
&3-4Rock R to R (&), Recover on L (3), turn 1/8L and cross R over (4) 10.30’
5-6Bounce heels 1/4L (5), Bounce heels 1/4L and Rock with L forward (6) 4.30’
7-8Recover R back and Sweep L out (7), Step L back and Sweep R out (8)

Behind Side Cross 1/8R, Side, Together, Point and Point and Heel, Flick
1&2Cross R behind L (1), 1/8R Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (2) 6'
3-4Big Step L to L (3), Bring R next L (4)
5&6&Point L to L (5), L next R (&), Point R to R (6), R next L (&),
7-8L heel forward (7), Bring L next R and Flick R back (8)

Repeat first 16 counts to complete part B

Small A : Facing 6’
First section normal

Second section
Hold, And Cross, Hold, And 4 Walks 1/2L
2Hold (2),
&3-4Step L to L (&), Cross R behind L (3), Hold (4)
&5-6-7-8Step L to L (&), 4 walks R,L,R,L doing 1/2L to face the front, shimmy your shoulders (5,6,7,8) ready to start part B

Smile and start the dance again !

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young August 22, 2022
Thank you~^^ Great dance

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