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Goulaine DC

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Laura Turcaud (FR), Maevan Courant (FR) & Nicolas Gilet (FR) - August 2022
Fly - Donovan Chapman
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Intro : 32c

Created for the festival « Goulaine Country Show 2022 »

(1-8) Diagonal Step fwd R, Hook back L, Diagonal Step fwd L, Hook back R, Out-out fwd R-L, In-in back R-L
1-2R to R diagonal forward, « Hook » lift L behind R leg
3-4L to L diagonal forward, « Hook » lift R behind L leg
5-6« Out-out » spread R then L forward on the heels (or put your feet flat)
7-8« in-in » Assemble R then L backwards
**Restart 2 (6th wall 12h)

(9-16) Vine R, Touch L, Side step L, Travelling Swivels R to L
1-3« Vine » : R to R, L behind R, R to R
4-5Touch L point next to R, L to L
6-7-8« Travelling Swivels » move R heel-point-heel to L (body weight on L)
1st restart (3rd wall 12h) and 3rd restart (9th wall 12h)

(17-24) Step fwd R, Point back L with snap, Step back L, Touch R, Step back R, Heel fwd L (touch hat), Step L, Scuff R
1-2R forward, L point behind R and snap your fingers
3-4L back, touch R point next to L
5-6R back, L heel forward and touch the front of the hat with the L hand
7-8Put L, « Scuff » rub R heel next to L

(25-32) « Rock step fwd R, ½ turn R & Step fwd R, Scuff L , Scoot fwd x2, Step fwd L, Stomp-up R
1-2« Rock step » : R forward, recover on L
3-4½ turn R and R forward, « Scuff » rub L next to R 6H
5-6« Scoot x2 » Lift L knee and slide forward twice on R
7-8L forward, « Stomp-up » strike R next to L without body weight (bounce)

Last Update - 21 Feb. 2024 - R1


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