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That Dog'll Hunt

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Adia Nuno (USA) & Glenn Ball (USA) - August 2022
That Dog'll Hunt - Walker Hayes
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Restart - After 8 counts after Wall 2

[1-8] Tap R, Slide R, Tap L, Slide L
1234Point RF to R(1) Tap RF next to LF(2) Step big step to R(3) Close LF to RF(4)
5678Point LF to L(5) Tap LF next to RF(6) Slide big step to L (7) Close RF to LF(8)

[9-16] Step Claps X4 with ¼ Turn R
1234Step RF forward to diagonal(1) Tap LF next to RF (2) Step LF back do Diagonal (3) Tap RF next to LF(4)
5678Turn ¼ turn and step RF sideways facing 3 o clock (5) Tap LF next to RF (6) Step LF to side(7) Tap RF next to LF(8)

[17-24] R heel, L heel, Heel Hook Heel R.
1234Dig R Heel forward(1) Step RF back beside L(2) Dig L heel forward(3) Step LF beside R(4)
5678Dig R Heel forward(5) Cross RF over LF tapping Toe (6) Dig R Heel forward(7) Step RF back beside L(8)

[25-32] Step Half Turn Jump and Roll
1234Step RF forward(1) Hold(2) Turn R ½ turn over L shoulder(3) Hold(4)
5678Jump both feet slightly forward and slightly out(5) Hold (6) Bodyroll down(7,8)

[33-40] Grapevine R, Stomp L, R Heel, R Toe, R Heel
1234Step RF to R side(1) Step LF behind RF(2) Step RF to R side(3) Tap LF to RF(4)
5678Stomp LF to L(5) Twist L heel in(6) Twist L toe in(7) Twist R toe in(8)

[41-48] Turn ¼ And Repeat Counts 33-40

[49-56] Grapevine R, Grapevine L
1234Step RF to R side(1) Step LF behind RF(2) Step RF to R side(3) Tap LF to RF(4)
5678Step LF to L side(5) Step RF behind LF(6) Step LF to L side(7) Step RF to LF Taking weight on RF(8)

[57-64] Point LF Across, Hold, Point LF Side, Hold, Point Across, Point Side, Heel Hit Back, Stomp
1234Point LF across RF(1) Hold(2) Point LF to side (3) Hold(4)
5678Point LF across RF(5) Point LF to side (6) Lift LF up behind RF and tap heel with R hand (7) Stomp LF down beside RF(8)

*On Walls 2 & 6 Where there is a “Woof.” On the last 4 counts you can step LF across on 5 then do a heel click jumping and clicking L heel to R heel. Land on 8 and get read to start again!




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