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In The Shed!

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High Beginner
Cheryl Carter (UK) - August 2022
Wher'm I Gonna Live? - Billy Ray Cyrus
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Intro: 16 counts
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SEC 1: Side, Close, Chasse, Cross Rock, 1/4 Shuffle
1-2Step R to R side, close L next to R
3&4Step R to R side, close L next to R, step R to R side
5-6Cross rock L over R, recover weight onto R
7&8Turn 1/4 L stepping fwd on L, close R next to L, step fwd L

SEC 2: Rocking Chair, 1/2 Paddle Turn
1-2Rock Fwd on R, recover weight on L
3-4Rock Back on R, recover weight on L
5-6Step fwd R, turn 1/4 L moving weight onto L
7-8Step fwd R, turn 1/4 L moving weight onto L

SEC 3: Cross Shuffle, Side, Touch, Kick Ball Cross, Side, Scuff
1&2Cross R over L, step L to L side, cross R over L
3-4Step L to L side, touch R next to L
5&6Kick R fwd, step R in place, cross L over R
7-8Step R to R side, brush L across R

SEC 4: Weave Back, 1/4, 1/4, Step, Hook
1-2Cross L over R, Step R back
3-4Step L back, cross R over L
5-6Turning 1/4 R step back L, turning 1/4 R step fwd R
7-8Step fwd L, hook R behind L

Why not have some fun with this little dance guys??? When you hear “where’m I gonna live when I get home” get the audience or your class to sing back “In the shed, in the shed, in the shed!!”

(Watch the demo video’s) enjoy xx


Julie Gillmore September 5, 2022
Really enjoyed teaching this dance, fab steps and great song. Definitely recommend it 😃

Chezza September 9, 2022
Thank you so much xx

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