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No Body

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Judy Rodgers (USA) - September 2022
No Body - Blake Shelton : (Album: No Body)
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#16 count intro - 2 tags and 1 restart

S1: Kick & touch & step heel swivels, coaster step, shuffle
1&2Kick R fwd, step on ball of R, touch L to left side
&3&4Step L beside R, step R fwd, swivel both heels to right, swivel both heels back to center
5&6Step R back, step L beside R, step R fwd
7&8Shuffle fwd L, R, L

S2: Kick & touch, sailor turn 1/4 L, heel & heel &, walk R L
1&2Kick R fwd, step down on R, touch L toe to left side
3&4Turn 1/4 left step L behind R, step R to right side, step L to left side 9:00
5&6&Tap R heel fwd, step down R, tap L heel fwd, step down L
7-8Walk R fwd, walk L fwd
********* Restart here on Wall 7 facing 3:00

S3: Side rock & side rock &, rock & turn 1/2 R, shuffle
1-2&Rock R to right side, recover L, step R beside L
3-4&Rock L to left side, recover R, step L beside R
5&6Rock R fwd, recover L, turn 1/2 right step R fwd 3:00
7&8Shuffle fwd L R L

S4: Out out in in, cross turn 1/4 R turn 1/4 R step
1-2Step R out to right diagonal, step L out to left diagonal
3-4Step R in to center, step L in beside R
5-6Cross R over L, turn 1/4 right step L back 6:00
7-8Turn 1/4 right step R to right side, step L fwd 9:00

Tag 1: Wall 1 - at end of Wall 1 dance the following 8 count tag (facing 9:00):
Jazz box, step/hip bumps right, step/hip bumps left
1-4Cross R over L, step L back, step R to right side, step L fwd
5&6Step R fwd bumping hips right, left, right
7&8Step L fwd bumping hips left, right, left

Tag 2: Wall 4 - at end of Wall 4 dance the following 4 cnt tag (facing 12:00):
1-4Roll hips right in a half circle from right, back, left over 4 counts (weight to L)

Dance ends on Wall 10 after 16 beats facing 6:00.....turn 1/2 R to face 12:00


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