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Better With Beer

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Silvia Schill (DE) & Casey Lee Lowe (DE) - September 2022
Better With Beer - Kevin Fowler
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Restart – in round 4 facing 06:00 o‘clock after 16c

* Tributed to the Lonesome Rider e.V. Ostfriesland for their 22nd anniversary *

3 Walks (r,l,r) kick l, 3 Steps back (l,r,l), touch
1 - 2RF step forward, LF step forward
3 - 4RF step forward, LF kick forward
5 - 6LF step back, RF step back
7 - 8LF step back, RF touch next to LF

Figure of 8 with ¼ turn left
1 - 2RF step right, LF cross behind RF
3 - 4¼ turn right stepping RF forward, LF step forward
5 - 6½ turn right (weight on RF), ¼ right stepping LF to the side
7 - 8RF cross behind LF, ¼ turn left stepping LF forward
Restart in round 4 facing 06:00 o‘clock

Heel grind r with clap, Heel grind l with clap, back rock l, step l, brush r
1 – 2&touch right heel forward, turn RF to right with clap (weight on RF), close RF next to LF
3 - 4touch left heel forward, turn LF to right with clap (weight on LF),
5 - 6Rock back on LF, recover on RF
7 - 8LF step forward, brush RF toe

Step r, ½ turn l, stomp r, kick r, coaster step r, step l, scuff r
1 – 2step RF forward, ½ turn left (weight on LF)
3 – 4stomp RF next to LF, kick RF forward
5 & 6RF step back, LF step next to RF, RF step forward
7 - 8LF step forward, scuff RF heel forward

Hope you enjoy! Keep on smiling ;-)

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Casey Lee Lowe: or


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