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Eternal Flame

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Tina Argyle (UK) - September 2022
Eternal Flame - The Bangles : (Album: The Best Of The Bangles - Single)
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Count In : 8 counts from start of track - start dancing just before lyrics

R Step Fwd. Mambo Fwd Step Back. Mambo Back. ¼ Basic NC Step. Long Side Step. Behind, Side
1,2&Step fwd R. Rock L fwd recover weight onto R
3Step back L
4&Rock back R recover weight onto L
5,6&Make ¼ turn left taking long step R to right side, rock L behind R, recover weight onto R (9 o’clock)
7,8&Take long step L to left side, cross R behind L, step L to left side

Cross Rock Recover & Cross Rock Recover, Modified Sailor ¼ Turn.Step ¼ Turn. Cross Shuffle
1,2&Cross rock R over L recover, step R at side of L
3- 4Cross rock L over R, recover weight onto R sweeping L anti-clockwise
5&6Make ¼ turn left stepping back L, step R next to L, step Fwd L
7&Step fwd R, make ¼ turn left onto L
8&1Cross R over L, close L at side of R, cross R over L

Scissor Step. Rumba Box Fwd, Sweep, Step Back With Sweep x 2
2&3Step L to left side, Close R at side of L, Cross L over R
4&5Step R to right side, Close L at side of R, Step Fwd. R
6&7Step L to left side, Close R at side of L, Step back L sweeping R clockwise
8Step back R sweeping L anti-clockwise
1Step back L sweeping R clockwise

Modified Sailor ¼ Turn.Step Fwd. L. R Mambo Fwd.L Coaster Step
2&3Make ¼ turn right stepping back R, Step L at side of R, Step Fwd R
4Step Fwd. L
5&6Rock fwd R, recover weight onto L, Step back R
7&8Step back L, Step back R ,Step Fwd. L

Side Rock ¼ Turn. Step Fwd. Full Spiral Turn Left. Step Fwd. L
1 - 2Rock R to right side (for styling point L toe to left side as you rock) Make ¼ turn left onto L
3&Step R Fwd and slightly across L, Make full turn left on ball of R hooking L over R shin
4Step Fwd. L
(Alternative move for Spiral Turn, Step fwd. R, Hitch L knee, Step fwd L)

Walls 3 & 5 – Wall 3 you’ll re start facing 12 o’clock - Wall 5 you’ll re start facing 9 o;clock
Restart the dance by stepping forward R after the single L step Fwd – Count 4 of Section 4
Wall 4 - Wall 4 you’ll re start facing 3 o’clock
Restart the dance on the R step Fwd. Of the Rumba Box – Count 5 of Section 3

The re starts are all one after the other on walls 3,4 & 5 – then you can sing your head off!! lol

2022 18 SEP 8


tilly September 11, 2022
Love it. Definite teach. ❤️ Lovebirds

Julie Gillmore October 5, 2022
Taught tonight, went down really well, danced it three times as class loved it. Great steps.

Trish1273 December 30, 2022
Love this dance and music - beautiful choreography - well done Miss Argyle! Thank you!

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