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Cowboy Killer

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Kat Nichols (USA) & Lauren White (USA) - September 2022
Cowboy Killer - Ian Munsick & Ryan Charles
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[1-8] R Pony Back, L Pony Back, Rock Recover, Full Pique Turn, Step Left
1&2Step R slightly behind L (1), Rock fwd on L (&), Rock back on R (2)
3&4Step L slightly behind R (3), Rock fwd on R (&), Rock back on L (4)
5-6Rock back on R (5), Recover fwd on L (6)
7-8Full Turn – on ball of R (7), step fwd on L (8) -style flick R foot up on (8)

[9-16] Fall Away Diamond ¼, Press, Pivot Hitch ¼, Step ¼, Pivot Hitch ¼
1 - 2&3Step R to R side turning 1/8 R (1) (facing 12:30), cross L over R (2) (squaring up to 12o’clock), step R to R side (&), cross L behind R (3)
4&Cross R behind L (4), turn ¼ L stepping L to L side (&) (end facing 9 o’clock)
5-6Press R fwd (5), Pivot on R ¼ hitching L knee (6) (end facing 6 o’clock)
7-8Step L out ¼ turn (7) (end facing 3 o’clock), Pivot ¼ turn on L hitching R knee (8) (end facing 12 o’clock)

[17-24] Hip Bumps, Weave, Heel Grind ¼ w/ Hitch, Coaster Step
1-2Bump Hips to R x2 (1,2)
3&4Cross R Behind L (3), Step L to Side (&), Cross R Over L (4)
5,6¼ L Heel Grind (5), Hitch L Knee (6) (end facing 9 o’clock)
7&8Step L Back (7), Step R Together (&), Step L Fwd (8)

(25-32) ¼ L Side Rock R, Recover L, Ball Step R, L Side Rock, Recover R, Ball Step L, R Fwd Rock, Recover L, Out R ,Out L, Heels In, Toes In
1-2&Make a ¼ turn L Rocking R to R (1) (6 O' Clock), Recover L (2), Ball Step R (&)
3-4&L Rocking L to L (3), Recover R (4), Ball Step L (&)
5-6Rock R Fwd (5), Recover Back L (6)
&7&8Step R Out (&), Step L Out (7) (stay on balls of feet), Heels In (&), Toes In (8)

Restart w/ Step Change (Wall 4)
Dance first 6 counts
7-8Step R Fwd ½ Pivot Turn (7) (turning over L shoulder), Close L next to R (8) (weight should end on L) (step change ½ turn to 12 o’clock)

Tag (4 ct) – Full Unwind w/ Hold (End of Wall 5)
1-2-3-4Cross R Over L (1), Unwind Full Turn (2, 3, 4) (end facing 6 o’clock)

Tag (20 ct) End of Wall 6 - 12 O'Clock
(1-8) Vogueing Face Frame, Paddle Full Turn
1-2R Hand Above Head palm facing down, L Hand Below Head palm facing down (1) R Hand On R Side of Head palm facing head, L Hand On L Side of Head, palm facing head (2)
3-4L Hand Above Head Palm down R Hand Below Head palm down (3) R Hand On R Side of Head palm facing head, L Hand On L Side of Head palm facing head (4)
5-6-7-8Paddle Around Full Turn, 4 Right 1/4 Turn Pushes with R Foot (5,6,7,8) (end facing 12 O' Clock)

(9-16) Gallop Full Turn R, R Leg Slide
&1&2&3&41/4 Turn R Ball Step R, Step L, 1/4 Turn R Ball Step R, Step L, 1/4 Turn R Ball Step R, Step L, 1/4 Turn R , Step L next to R (end facing 12 O’clock)
Note: Arm movements - While galloping full turn to R make a clockwise lasso motion with R arm
5-6Bend L Knee while Extending R Ft Out to R pointing R Toe (5,6)
7-8Drag R back towards L (7) Close R next to L (8)
Note: Arm movements for Counts 5,6,7,8: Both arms out to side out and in like a bird

(17-20) Gun Arm Movements
1-2Make fists in front of you R on top of L bring them together on (1), Pull them slightly apart on (2)
3-4Hold L arm in front of body with elbow bent palm facing down, Bring R underneath with finger gun symbol (3), Hold Finger gun pointing up (4)
End of Tag - begin Wall 7 facing 12:00

End (Wall 8 - After 8 Counts) Rock Recover ¼, Step ¼, L Heel Flick
5-6Rock Back R (5), Recover ¼ L (6) (towards 3 o’clock)
7-8Step R Out ¼ Turn (7), Flick R Heel Behind L (8) (end facing 12 o’clock)

Last Update: 21 Nov 2022


Dudeofdixie September 14, 2023
In the third 8 count (17-24) the transition from two right hip bumps into a weave left does not give a beat to move the body weight onto the left foot for the weave.

Unless no weight was ever supposed to be put on the right leg for those hip bumps?

This isn't clear in the written instructions or the video tutorial from the choreographer.

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