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AQ Thriller Flash Mob

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Lynnda Wile (USA) & Lynda Hamilton (USA) - September 2022
Thriller - Michael Jackson
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Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: Swim Through the Cobwebs (8 counts)
1-4Right forward diagonal, Left together; Right forward diagonal, Left touch
5-8Left forward diagonal, Right together; Left forward diagonal, Right together
Arms 1-4 Breaststroke x 2 to the right
5-8Breaststroke x 2 to the left

Section 2: Twist & Point, Twist & Swing (8 counts)
1-43 counts standing; 4th count weight on Right and point Left to side
5-8 3counts standing; 4th count weight on Left and hitch Right
Arms 1-4 : 3 counts twisting to the right; 4th count Right arm points up to right
3 counts twisting to the left; 4th count swing both arms up to right with claw hands

Section 3: Claw Hands Marching Back Right & Left x 2 (16 Counts)
1-4March diagonally backward R, L, R, touch L
5-8March diagonally backward L, R, L touch R
Arms 1-4 Claw hands up to the right
5-8Swing Claw hands up to the left

Section 4: T-Bounce Forward, Right and Left (16 Counts)
1-8Right hip forward: Step R, bounce, step L beside R, bounce, Repeat
9-16Left hip forward: Step L, bounce, step R beside L, bounce, Repeat
Arms 1-16 Arms straight out at sides forming a T; only lower body twists

Section 5: Egyptian Shimmy & Clap, Right and Left (16 Counts)
1-8Step R to side, shimmy, Step L beside R, Repeat
9-16Step L to side, shimmy, Step R beside L, Repeat
Arms 1-16 Shimmy shoulders, Clap above head on counts 4, 8, 12, 16

Section 6: Zombie Stomp ½ turn, Zombie Stomp ¼ turn (16 Counts)
1-4Stomp R, L, R, L
5-8Left foot in place, 4 Right paddles making ½ turn
9-12Stomp R, L, R, L
13-16Left foot in place, 4 Right paddles making ¼ turn
Arms 1-16 Hands on knees moving R shoulder forward with R stomps and L forward with L stomps

Note: Song will end at start of swim stroke. Throw claw hands forward in the air and Roar!
Note: 32 count intro can Zombie walk with head twitches


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