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Don't Look Down

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Luke Watson (AUS) - September 2022
Don't Look Down - Drake Milligan : (EP or Spotify)
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Dance starts 4 seconds into the track on the word “Down” - CW Direction

[1-8] Cross, Step Side, Cross Behind, Step ¼ Turn, Pivot ½ Turn, Shuffle Fwd
1-2Cross L in front of R, Step R to R side
3-4Cross L behind R, Making ¼ Turn R Step Fwd on R (3.00)
5-6Step Fwd on L, Make ½ Turn R (pivot)
7&8Shuffle Fwd on L Stepping L Fwd, Step R together, Step L Fwd (9.00)

[9-16] Side Step 1/4 Turn, Step Together, Cross Shuffle, Step Side, ½ Turn, Cross Shuffle
1-2Making ¼ Turn L Step R to R Side, Step L Foot together (6.00)
3&4Cross Shuffle R in Front of L Stepping R,L,R
5-6Step L to L Side, Making ½ Turn R Step R to R Side (12.00)
7&8Cross Shuffle L in Front of R Stepping L,R,L

[17-24] Step Side, Step Together, Shuffle Back, Step Side, Step Together, Shuffle Fwd
1-2Step R to R side, Step L Together beside R,
3&4Shuffle Back stepping R,L,R
5-6Step L to L Side, Step R Together beside L
7&8Shuffle Fwd stepping L,R,L ** ( restart wall 5 but change the shuffle to a walk Fwd L,R)

[25-32] Rock, Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle, ½ Turn Shuffle, ¼ Turn Shuffle
1-2Step/Rock Fwd onto R, Recover Back onto L
3&4Making ½ Turn R Shuffle Fwd R,L,R (6.00)
5&6Making ½ Turn R Shuffle Back L,R,L (12.00)
7&8Making ¼ Turn R Side Shuffle R,L,R (3.00)

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