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Heaven's Jukebox

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High Beginner
José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Willie Brown (SCO) - September 2022
Heaven's Jukebox - Jaden Hamilton
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Intro: 16 Counts, Start at approx 10 secs

SEC 1 cross rock , shuffle ,weave
1-2Cross Rock right forward, recover weight onto left
3-&-4Step right to right , step left next to right , step right to right
5-6Cross left over Right , step right to right
7-8Cross left behind right , step right to right

SEC 2 step , touch , step , touch , side together side , touch
1-2Step left forward in to your right diagonal ( 1.30 H) , touch right next to left
3-4Turn to right step right forward (6:00) , touch left to right
5-6Step left to left , step right to left
7-8Step left to left , touch right to left
Restart in wall 6 (3:00)

SEC 3 side , together , shuffle forward , side , together , shuffle shuffle back
1-2Step right to right , step left to right ,
3&4Step right forward , step left to right , step right forward
5-6Step left to left , step right to right
7&8step left back , step right to left , step left back

SEC 4 rock , step 1/2 turn , rock , step back , step 1/4 , step
1-2Rock right back , recover weight onto left
3-4Step right forward , turn 1/2 left recover weight on left (12:00)
5-6Rock right forward, recover weight on left
7-8Step right back , step left 1/4 to left ( 9:00 )

Have fun.

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Lou C September 24, 2022
Great collaboration Willie and Jose! This dance is going places :)

Sonny V. September 26, 2022
Love the song and dance. 😊❤️
Had so much fun this weekend at the workshops!
Greetings from Germany 😁🤗

dancer33 September 28, 2022
Love this just perfect xx

Heather2312 September 30, 2022
Love this dance , been teaching it this week in class and it has been really well received. Love the music and the dance has a few different step combinations to keep you interested x

Murphsmum October 4, 2022
This dance just flows ,dances don't have to be complicated they just have to feel good and this one definitely does

FruLapp October 12, 2022
Love the dance

Julie Gillmore November 28, 2022
Loved teaching this dance, went down well with my dancers 🤩

EllieMae December 21, 2022
Music and choreography - spot on and given the thumbs up from my class. Who could ask for more?

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