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If Not For You

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Alison Johnstone (AUS) & Joshua Talbot (AUS) - October 2022
If Not for You - Ronnie Beard : (iTunes / Amazon)
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Start: 16 counts in on the word “You”

(1-8) Step, Pivot ½, Shuffle. Step, Pivot ¼, Cross Shuffle (3.00)
1, 2Step fwd on Lft, Pivot ½ over Rt
3&4Step fwd Lft, Step Together Rt (&), Step fwd Lft
5, 6Step fwd on Rt, Pivot ¼ over Lft (3.00)
7&8Cross Rt over Lft, Step Lft side (&), Cross Rt over Lft

(9-16) Side, Hold, Ball (&), Side, Touch, Side, Behind, Side, Touch
1, 2Step Lft to side, Hold
&3, 4Ball step Rt into Lft (&), Step Lft to side, Touch Rt into Lft
5, 6Step Rt to side, Step Lft behind Rt
7, 8Step Rt to side, Touch Lft into Rt

(17-24) Roll ¼, ½, ¼, Cross, Chasse, Rock Back, Recover
1, 2¼ over Lft step fwd on Lft, ½ over Lft step back on Rt
3, 4¼ over Lft step Lft to side, Cross Rt over Lft (3.00)
5&6Step Lft side, Step together Rt (&), Step Lft to side
7, 8Rock back on Rt, Recover on Lft

(25-32) Toe Strut ¼, Back Rock, Recover, Toe Strut ½, Back Rock, Recover (6.00)
1, 2¼ over Lft toe heel drop Rt foot (12.00)
3, 4Rock back on Lft, Recover on Rt
5, 6½ over Rt toe heel drop Lft foot (6.00)
7, 8Rock back on Rt, Recover on Lft

(33-40) Walk, Walk, Out (&), Out, Touch, Stomp, Hold, Back Rock, Recover
1, 2Walk Fwd on Rt, Walk Fwd on Lft
&3, 4Step Rt out to side (&), Step Lft out to side, Touch Rt into Lft
5, 6Stomp Rt out to side, Hold
7, 8Rock back on Lft, Recover on Rt


ENDING – Dance to count on 8 then turn to the front stepping on the Left - TADA!!!!

Thank you so much Ronnie Beard for sending me this beautiful track

Josh and I absolutely love it

Alison Johnstone - +61 404 445 076
Joshua Talbot - +61 407 533 616

Last Update: 22 Oct 2022

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patdance October 1, 2022
I love this song and the dance is lovely. Great work

! Lidia Ava October 1, 2022
Beautiful 😀 😍, it is always challenging to dance new Beautiful 😍 ❤ dance :)

! Lidia Ava October 2, 2022
Beautiful :)

alisonjo October 2, 2022
Thank you SO SO MUCH this one is nice and easy song along dance. A great track xx

Heather Jayne October 3, 2022
Oh I love this dance!!! The music too!! Super fun to dance to 🥰

alisonjo October 3, 2022
Thank you so much Heather. Ronnie has indeed recorded a great version of Olivias song. Mwah xx

Heather Jayne October 11, 2022
#1 !!!!! YEAH!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

alisonjo October 13, 2022

Lou C October 20, 2022
Really enjoy the dance but I'm going against the masses on the track...not fond of this version at all.

AussieJules October 20, 2022
I agree with Lou C.

Dancer005 October 22, 2022
I super love this dance and music. Wonderful x

Bonny Jean October 22, 2022
Beautiful dance to a lovely track - what a lovely tribute to Olivia Newton John - thank you to both of you x

alisonjo October 22, 2022
Thank you so so much cc

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