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Looks Good On Me

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Pat Stott (UK) - October 2022
Your Love Looks Good on Me - Jaden Hamilton : (Single)
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Syncopated weave right, rock back, recover, kick, ball cross
1-2.Right to right, cross left behind right
&3,4Step on ball of right foot, cross left over right, right to right
5-6.Rock Back on left, recover on right (body turned to 10:30)
7&8.Kick left to left diagonal (10.30), close left to right on ball of left foot, cross right over left (squaring up to 12 o’clock)

Big step left, drag right heel, behind, side, cross, side rock, recover, 1/2 sailor step
1-2.Big step to left turning body towards right diagonal (1.30), drag right heel towards left
3&4.Right Behind left, left to left side, cross right over left
5-6.Rock left to left, recover on right
7&81/2 sailor left (LRL) (6 o’clock)

Cross, hitch, back, side, cross, hitch, back, side
1-2.Cross right over left, hitch left to left diagonal
3- 4left behind right, right to right side (squaring up to 6 o’clock)
5-6cross left over right, hitch right to right diagonal
7-8cross right Behind left, left to left side (squaring up to 6 o’clock)

Cross, hold, 2 bounces turning 1/2 left, jazz box, cross
1-2.Cross right over left, hold
3-4. 2heel bounces turning 1/2 left ( 12 o’clock)
5-8.Jazz box with a cross : cross right over left, back on left, right to right, cross left over right

1/2 Monterey turn, 1/4 Monterey turn
1-21/2 Monterey right: point right to right, turn 1/2 right closing right to left
3- 4point left to left, close left to right
5-6.1/4 Monterey right: point right to right, turn 1/4 right closing right to left
7-8point left to left, close left to right (9 o’clock)

Rock forward on right, recover, 1/2 shuffle turn right, Rock forward, recover, 1/2 shuffle turn left
1-2Rock Forward on right, recover onto left
3&41/2 shuffle right (RLR) (3 o’clock)
5-6Rock forward on left, recover onto right
7&81/2 shuffle left (LRL) (9 o’clock)
(Intermediate option for 1/2 shuffle turns can be replaced with 1 1/2 triple steps)

Restart: Wall 3 after 16 counts (restarts at 12 o’clock wall)

Ending during wall 8 - Replace the 1/4 Monterey turn (section 5, steps 5-6) with 1/2 Monterey to finish at 12 o’clock, step right to right “Ta Da”


Derek of the Dance October 8, 2022
Great dance.

Totty October 8, 2022
Thanks Derek :-)

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