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Another Country

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Bruno Morel (FR) - October 2022
Another Country - Rod Stewart : (Album: Another Country - iTunes)
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Tag: 2 (1 on wall 2, 1 on wall 4)
Weight on left foot; start with the lyrics (i.e. after 16 conts).

[1-8] Walk walk (right left), kick ball change; again
1-2March (right foot), march (left foot)
3&4Kick right foot ball change
5-6idem 1-2
7&8idem 3&4

[9-16] Step right foot forward, ½ turn left, shuffle forward, rock left foot forward, coaster step [6 pm]
1-2Step right foot forward, ½ turn left facing 6 o’clock
3&4Shuffle right foot forward
5-6Rock left foot forward, recover (weight on right foot)
7&8Coaster step (left foot backward, right foot near left foot, left foot slightly forward)

[17-24] On right diagonal: step right foot forward, lock step (x2); again symmetrically on left diagonal
1-2Right foot forward on right diagonal, lock step (left foot behind right)
3&4Lock step (Right foot forward
5-6-7&8Same symmetrical steps as 1 to 4 (i.e. on left diagonal)

[25-32] Cross rock, right side shuffle, cross rock left side shuffle with ¼ turn left facing [3 pm]
1-2Rock right foot over left, recover on left (weight on left foot)
3&4Side shuffle right
5-6Rock left foot over right, recover on right (weight on right foot)
7&8Side shuffle left with a ¼ turn left facing 3 o’clock

Repeat until tags ( end of wall 2 facing 6 o’clock and end of wall 4 facing 12 o’clovk)

TAG: Right foot forward : rocking chair, twice: right foot forward ½ turn
1-4Rocking chair (right foot forward)
5-8Twice: Right foot forward, half turn left

Translated from French by : Association Cowboy Stomp ‘N Dance de Varennes-Jarcy


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