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Don't Look Down

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Glenda Silver (AUS) - September 2022
Don't Look Down - Drake Milligan : (Album: Dallas/ Fort Worth)
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INTRO: count of 6, on vocals when he sings “DOWN” - No tags or restarts

Side Left, Together Right, Back Shuffle LRL, Side Right, Together Left, Shuffle Forward RLR
123&4Step side L, tog R, Shuffle back LRL
567&8Step side R, tog L, shuffle Fwd RLR

Forward Left, Pivot 1/2 Turn Right, Forward Left Coaster Step, Back Rock Right, Replace (&), Side Right, Behind Left, Side Right (&), Cross Left Over Right
123&4Step Fwd L, pivot 1/2 turn R on R, coaster step Fwd L
5&6Rock back R, replace onto L, step side R
7&8Step L behind R, side R (&), cross L over R

Side Right, Together Left, Side Right (&), Left Behind, Replace (&), Side Left, Right Behind Left, Left 1/4 Turn (&), Forward Right, Full Turn Right
1&2Step side R, tog L (&), step side R
3&4Rock L behind R, replace onto R (&), side L
5&6Step R behind L, 1/4 turn L on L (&), Fwd R
78Full turn R, stepping Fwd LR

Forward Left, Replace, Back Coaster Step, Forward Right, Replace, Back Coaster Step
123&4Rock Fwd L, replace onto R, coaster step back L
567&8Rock Fwd R, replace onto L, coaster step back R

Dip Side Left, Touch Right Side, Sailor Step Right, Rock Left Behind, Replace, Touch Left Side (&), 1/4 Sailor Left
123&4Step side L, dip down and up, as you touch R side, behind sailor R
56&Rock L behind R, replace onto R, touch side L (&)
7&81/4 turn L step L behind R, step side R (&), step side L

Pivot Right, Shuffle Forward RLR, Pivot R, Shuffle Forward LRL
123&4Step Fwd R,1/2 turn L on L, Shuffle Fwd RLR
567&8Step L Fwd,1/2 turn R on R, shuffle Fwd LRL

Rock Side Right, Replace, Together Right (&), Cross shuffle, Forward Right, Pivot Left, Together Right (&), Forward Left, 1/4 Turn Right (&), Replace
12&3&4Rock side R, replace onto L, tog R (&), cross shuffle LRL
56&Step Fwd R,1/2 turn L on L, tog R (&)
7&8Step Fwd L,1/4 turn R on R (&), replace onto L

Right Behind Left, Left 1/4 Turn, Forward Right, Full Turn Right, Rock Forward Left, Replace, Together L (&), Rock Side Right, Replace (&), Together Right
1&2Step R behind L, 1/4 turn L on L (&), Fwd R
34Full turn R, stepping Fwd LR
56&Rock Fwd L, replace onto R, tog L (&)
7&8Rock side R, replace onto L (&), tog R beside L (weight on R)

FINISH: Wall 4, Facing 6.00. Dance 64 counts. End facing 12.00


Last Update – 8 Nov 2022


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