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Nina Skyrud (NOR) - October 2022
Love Button - Shelby Lee Lowe
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Start the dance at the vocal (approx. 2 secs)

[1-8] Stomp, Fan, Fan, Step; Stomp, Fan, Fan, Step.
1-4Stomp R forward turning toes left (1), Fan R toes out (2), Fan R toes in (3), Step R in place (4);
5-8Stomp L forward turning toes right (5), Fan L toes out (6), Fan L toes in (7), Step L in place (8). [12:00]

[9-16] Right K-step.
1,2Step R forward to R diagonal (1), Touch L beside R (2);
3,4Step L back to L diagonal (3), Touch R beside L (4);
5,6Step R back to R diagonal (5), Touch L beside R (6);
7,8Step L forward to L diagonal (7), Touch R beside L (8).

[17-24] Vine, Touch, Vine ¼ Turn, Scuff.
1-4Step R to R side (1), Cross L behind R (2), Step R to R side (3), Touch L beside R (4);
5-8Step L to L side (5), Cross R behind L (6), Turn ¼ turn L stepping L forward (7), Scuff R (8). [9:00]

[25-32] Rocking Chair, ½ Turn, Stomp, Stomp.
1-4Step R forward (1), Recover onto L (2), Step R back (3), Recover onto L (4);
5,6Step R forward (5), Swivel ½ turn L putting weight on L (6); [3:00]
7,8Stomp R forward (7), Stomp L forward (8).

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Jooles November 7, 2022
I love this dance and the music, I shall be teaching it to my classes tomorrow, thank you 🙂

DanseNina November 7, 2022
Tha❤nk you so much, Jooles.

Rreed June 5, 2023
Fun song and great beginner dance!

DanseNina June 5, 2023
Thanks a lot!

Susan Duncan June 27, 2023
Congratulations on your nice dance! On my teach list! ❤️

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