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JR's Thriller

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High beginer
John Read (IRE) - October 2022
Thriller - Michael Jackson
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Additional steps and Alternating lines by John Read and permission granted by David Levesque for submission to CopperKnob.


When the door opens count each foot step (14) to the start,
Zombie walk for 16 counts,
[1 - 8] Step R forward, hold, Step L forward, hold, Step R forward, hold, Step L forward, hold
[9-16] Step R forward, hold, Step L forward, hold, Step R forward, hold, Step L forward, hold

Step and hold on every second beat, hang your head downwards as you step, throw your shoulders slightly forward with each step letting your arms swing loosely
Zombie March
[17-24] March R, (tilt) L, R, L, R,(tilt) L, R, (tilt) L
March on the spot for 8 counts to every beat, tilt your head to the right as you lift your right shoulder to meet your head on counts 1,5,7

Body wobble arms outstretched doing hip thrusts
[25-32] 25 step R forward turning 1/4 left to face 9 O’Clock, hold, using hip thrusts 26,27 stomp left next to R,28, stomp right to R, 29, hold using hip thrusts 30,31, stomp left next to R, 32, left arm outstretched parallel to ground, right arm outstretched behind back parallel to ground,

S1 [ 1 – 8 ] Breast stroke swimming arms as you Step, Step together, Step, Touch 1/2 turn right(R&L)
1– 4Step R forward, Step L next to R, Step R forward, Touch L next to R as you 1/2 turn right facing 3 o’clock 
5– 8Step L forward, Step R next to L, Step L forward, Touch R next to L 1/4 turn left facing 12 o clock clap hands to your sides on count 8

S2 [ 9 – 16] Clap, Drag with Shimmies, Shoulders Up/Down, Head turn Left /Centre
1Bring both arms over your head and clap for count 1
2,3,4As you bring both arms down, shimmy shoulders & step R to right, drag L foot towards right and stomp (4). (On count 4 arms should be down by your side)
5-6Shoulders up, shoulders down
7-8Turn head Left, then back to centre

S3 [17 – 24] Repeat S2 but on counts 2,3,4 start with L foot to left, drag R to left, etc.

S4 [25 – 32] Zombie Arms with Claws, Walk to right side & Hitches starting with right
1 – 3Raise right arm higher than left (Claw hands) as you step R to right, cross L over R, step R to R side looking right
4Hitch L at left angle with L arm higher than right looking left
5 – 6Step L down, Hitch R swinging Claw arms to right looking right
7 – 8Step R down, Hitch L swing claw arms to left. Looking left

S5 [33 – 40] Zombie Arms with Claws, Walk to left side & Hitches starting with Left
1 – 3Raise left arm higher than right (Claw hands) as you step L to Left side, cross R over L, step L to left side looking left
4Hitch R at right angle with R arm higher than left. Looking right
5 – 6Step R down, Hitch L swinging claw arms to left looking left
7 – 8Step L down, Hitch R swinging claw arms to right. Looking right

Just for fun you could alternate the lines, every 2nd line is moving in the opposite direction for
S5 [33-40] Then S4 [25-32]

S6 [41 – 48] Knee sways and ½ left turn paddle
1 – 4As you bring your R foot down, begin swaying knees for 4 counts, R,L,R,L keep weight on Left.
To begin paddle turn: Put Left hand on front of left thigh and Right hand on front of right hip, slightly bend knees and use shoulder action as you do the paddle turn.
5&Step R forward, let left foot swivel 1/8 turn on each paddle. Do it like you have a lead foot
6&Do it four times.
7&The syncopated count is for the weight going from right to left
8&Weight on left when done.


Last Update: 12 Oct 2022


The Dub October 9, 2022
Love it!

Slay October 12, 2022
The best fun learning this!

Johns Bootleggers October 13, 2022
Best fun ever

TiniCreative October 16, 2022
Ha ha... great it

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