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Debbie Marschall (AUS) - October 2022
Celestial - Ed Sheeran
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DANCE STARTS: 32 Counts, start on the Lyrics “I Get Stuck”, Weight on L

SECTION 1: V Step, Side Shuffle R, Rock Back L
1 2Step R fwd on diagonal (45 deg), step L fwd on diagonal (45deg)
3 4Step R back to centre, step L beside R
5&6Step R to R, step L together, step R to R
7 8Rock L behind R, recover weight R

SECTION 2: Side Shuffle L, Rock Back R, Shuffle Forward RLR, Pivot ½ Turn R
1&2Step L to L, step R together, step L to L
3 4Rock R behind L, recover weight L
5&6Step forward R, step L together, step R forward
7 8Step forward L turning ½ R, weight on R

SECTION 3: Shuffle Forward LRL, Pivot ½ Turn L, Vine R
1&2Step forward L, step R together, step L forward
3 4Step forward R turning ½ L, weight on L
5 6 7 8Step R to R side, cross L behind R, step R to R side, touch L

SECTION 4: Vine L turning ¼ L, Hip Bumps RLRL
1 2 3 4Step L to L Side, cross R behind L, step on L turning ¼ L, touch R
5 6 7 8Step R to R bump hips R, L, R, L

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Finish facing the front with V step

Enjoy cheers

Contact: Debbie Marschall -

Last Update: 16 Nov 2023


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