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Never Fool Me

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Roy Hadisubroto (NL), Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) - October 2022
Never Gonna Fool Me - Matt Dusk
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Intro: 16 Counts, approx.. on the lyrics at approx. 11 seconds - NO TAGS NO RESTARTS

[1 – 8] Diag Step, Lock/Hitch, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Heel Toe Hitch, Rock, Rec, Cross
1 – 2Step R forward to R diagonal (1), Lock L behind R hitching R knee (2) 12:00
3&4Step R behind L (3), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (4) 12:00
5&6&Step L to L (5), Swivel R heel in (&), Swivel R toe in (6), Hitch R knee (&) 12:00
7&8Rock R to R (7), Recover weight to L (&), Cross R over L (8) 12:00

[9 – 16] ¼ Turn L, ¾ Turn L/Sweep, Behind Side Cross, Weave, Big Step/Drag, 1/8 Turn L/Flick
1-2Turn ¼ L stepping L fwd (1), Turn ½ L stepping R back sweeping L back turning another ¼ L 12.00
3&4Step L behind R (3), Step R to R (&), Cross L over R (4) 12:00
5&6&Step R to R (5), Step L behind R (&), Step R to R (6), Cross L over R (&) 12:00
7-8Big Step R to R dragging L to R (7), Turning 1/8 L Step L next to R flicking R back 10:30

[17 – 24] Mambo Forward, Together, Walk x2, 1/8 Turn L/Cross Side Kick, Ball Cross/3/4 Unwind
1&2Rock R forward (1), Recover weight back to L (&), Step R next to L pushing hips back (2) 10:30
3 – 4Walk forward L (3), Walk forward R (4) 10:30
5&6Turn 1/8 L Crossing L over R (5), Step R to R (&), Kick L forward to L diagonal (6) 9:00
&7- 8Step L slightly back (&), Cross R over L bending knees (7), Unwind ¾ L gradually straightening knees finishing with weight on R (8) 12:00

[25 – 32] Step Back, Butterfly, Hitch, Step Back, Butterfly, Hitch, Coaster Step, Out Out, Clap x2
1&2&Turning 1/8 L Step L to L (1), With knees bent, Turn both knees in (&), Turn both knees out (2), Turn 1/8 R hitching R knee (&) 12:00
3&4&Turning 1/8 R Step R to R (3), With knees bent, Turn both knees in (&), Turn both knees out (4), Turn 1/8 L hitching L knee (&) 12:00
5&6Step L back (5), Step R next to L (&), Step L forward (6) 12:00
&7Step R to R (&), Step L to L (7) 12:00
&8Brush/Clap twice bringing R hand down and L hand up (&), L hand down and R hand up (8) 12:00

[33 - 40] Reebok L, Reebok R
1-2Rock L to L opening body to L diagonal slightly lifting R up (1), Recover weight to R slightly lifting L up (2) 12:00
3&4Gradually Angling body to R diagonal Step L to L (3), Step R next to L (&), Step L to L (4) 12:00
5-6Rock R to R keeping body at R diagonal slightly lifting L up (5), Recover weight to L slightly lifting R up (6) 12.00
7&8Step R to R (7), Step L next to R (&), Step R to R (8) 12.00

[41 - 48] Walk x2 Run x3 Making Full Circle R, Step, Heel Bounces x3 with hip roll, Sit, Recover
1-2¼ Turn R stepping L forward (1), ¼ Turn R stepping R forward (2) 6.00
3&4Gradually making ½ Turn R Step L forward (3), Step R forward (&), Step L forward (4) 12.00
5&6&Step R forward pushing hips back (5) Gradually making ½ Turn L bouncing both heels 3 times as you circle hips ending with weight on L (&6&)

Note: On walls 2, 4 & 5 do the hip roll without the heel bounces keeping it smooth, adding draw of R hand up the L arm to emphasise the lyric ‘sleeve’ on wall 5. 6.00
7-8Bring weight back onto R in a sit position as you look over right shoulder/snapping R hand back to 12.00 (7), Returning focus to 6:00 Recover forward on to L 6.00

Ending On Wall 6, dance 36 counts which is up through the Reebok L. Then, turn ½ L stepping R to R swinging R arm up and over snapping R to R, finishing in a sit position with weight on R. - 12.00

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dl October 12, 2022
These are just getting less and less fun for social and just-for-fun line dancers and strongly geared towards professional, studio trained, and full time dancers.

We linedance October 24, 2022
I am on the same page... and I don't think I am the only one.

Shane McKeever October 28, 2022
There are actually many levels to Line Dance, this dance was geared towards the higher intermediate dancers. If that is not your level then I would understand why you may find it difficult but to call this dance "strongly geared towards professional, studio trained, and full-time dancers", is a gross exaggeration. We all must remember we are not the only people in this Line Dance world, choreographers cater to all levels of our dance community, from the beginners just starting out to the most advanced dancers. That is why we have dances labelled from Absolute Beginner to Advanced, so we can all dance and challenge ourselves no matter what our previous dance experience is.

SleevelessinTX December 29, 2022
I don't find the music on Spotify or Amazon. Are people just dancing to the YouTube version?

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