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Make Me Want To Stay

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Fabien REGOLI (FR) - August 2022
Makes Me Want to Stay - Clay Walker
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TAG: 3rd and 8th walls after the first 2 section 2 accounts: Rock Step Right Fwd

RESTART: 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th walls after the first 2 Section

Frequencies : AAA BBB BBB BBB B………

Part A: count 16
SECTION I : Side Rock right, Cross and cross left, Side Rock left, Coaster step ¼ turn left
1-2RF on the right take support, return support LF
3&4chased-crossed to the left (R/L/R)
5-6LF on the left take support, return support RF
7&8LF back by making 1/4 turn vars the left RF next to RF, LF forward

SECTION II : Heel right, Hook right, Hell right, Flik right, Triple Step Fwd, Rock step, Triple Step ½ turn
1&2&3&4RF heel, RF hook in front of LF, RF heel, Flick RF, chased before (R/L/R)
5-6LF forward take support, come back support RF
7&8chased 1/2 turn to the left (L/R/L)

** At the end of the 3 walls of part A make a Rock Step Chassé 1/4 turn to the left to start PART B at 12H00

Part B : Count 32
SECTION I : Triple step FWD Diagonal right, Triple Step FWD diagonal left
1&2&3&4Right diagonal front chase (R/L/R/L/R/L/R)
5&6&7&8Left diagonal front chase (L/R/L/R/L/R/L)

SECTION II : Hich right, Step right back, Hich left, Step left back, Sailor step, Cross left,Step right back ¼ turn Coaster Step
&1&2Knees R up, Pose RF back, Knees L up, Pose LF back
3&4RF crossed behind LF, uncross LF on the left, RF on the right
5-6Cross LF in front of RF, uncross RF back with 1/4 turn to the left
7&8LF back, RF next to LF, LF forward

SECTION III : Triple Step right lateral, ¼ turn right triple step lateral left, ¼ turn right triple step lateral right, ¼ turn right triple step lateral left
1&2chased right side (R/L/R)
3&4make 1/4 turn to the right chased side left (L/R/L)
5&6Make 1/4 turn to the right chased side right (R/L/R)
7&8Make 1/4 turn to the right chased side left (L/R/L)

SECTION IV : Sailor step right/left, Rock step right back side right ¼ turn, Rock step left back side left
1&2RF crossed behind LF, uncrossed LF left, RF on right side
3&4LF crossed behind RF, uncrossed RF on the right, LF on the left side
5&6RF back take support, return LF support, RF right with 1/4 turn to the left
7&8LF back take support, return support RF, LF left

Last Update – 14 Nov. 2022


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