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Bad for Me

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Intermediate WCS
Guillaume Richard (FR) - September 2022
Bad For Me (feat. Teddy Swims) - Meghan Trainor
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**2 Tags, 1 Restart
#0 counts Intro! The dance start directly with the first note of the music!

S1: Walk 2, side rock cross R, side rock prep, L turn hitch, step, step turn cross
1-2Walk RF, Walk LF
3&4rock RF to right and cross RF over LF
5-6press LF to left while prepping body (5) for 3/4 l turn on RF with hitch LF(6) (facing 3)
7-8step LF fwd, step RF fwd
&11/4 turn l, cross RF over LF (facing 12)

S2: back-back, cross-back-back, step, hitch 1/4 turn r and point RF, step turn 1/2 r, turn 1/2 r
2&3step LF back (2), step RF back (&), cross LF over RF (3)
4&5step RF back (4), step LF back (&), step RF fwd (5)
&6-7hitch LF while turning 1/4 r (&), step LF to left(6), point RF to right (7) (facing 3)
8&1step fwd on RF with turning 1/4 (8) (facing 6), turn 1/2 r with stepping LF back (&) (facing 12), turn 1/2 with stepping RF fwd (1) (facing 6)
RESTART: In wall 6 restart here (facing 3).

S3: walk, mambo-step, back, back, sweep behind-side-cross
2walk LF fwd
3&4step RF fwd (3), recover weight on LF (&), step RF back (4)
5-6step LF back (styling: swivel toe out) (5), step RF back (styling: swivel toe out) (6)
7step LF back and in same time sweep RF from front to back
8&1step RF behind LF (6), step LF to left (&), cross RF over LF (1)

S4: side, sailor step, cross, turn ¼ l, sailor turn ½ l
2step LF to left
3&4cross RF behind LF, little step LF to left, step RF to right
5-6cross LF over RF, turn ¼ l while stepping RF back (facing 3)
7&8turn ½ l while step LF behind RF, step RF in place, step LF fwd (facing 9)

Dance the tag two times facing 12 o’clock. After the end of wall 4 an 7.
TAG: walk 2, mambo step, back back, anchor step
1-2step RF fwd, step LF fwd
3&4step RF fwd, recover on LF, step RF back
5-6step LF back, step RF back
7&8step LF close behind RF, step RF in place, step LF in place


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