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Sounds Like Something I'd Do

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Adia Nuno (USA) & Satu Ketellapper (NL) - October 2022
Sounds Like Something I'd Do - Drake Milligan
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Begin After 32 Count Intro | Restarts/Tags 3

[1-8] Toe Struts (R&L), Box ¼ turn, Scuff
1,2,3,4Step R Toe to front, drop to heel, Step L toe in front, drop to heel
5,6Cross R over L, making ¼ turn over R shoulder step back L
7,8Step R foot to R side, Scuff L heel forward (end facing 3:00)

[9-16] Step-Lock-Step Scuff, Front Rock Side Rock
1, 2,Step F towards 1:30, lock R behind L
3, 4Step L towards 1:30, Scuff R heel towards 3:00
5,6,7,8Rock R forward, recover weight to L, Rock R to R side, recover weight to L

[17-24] Grapevine L, Kick, Grapevine R with ¼ turn, Scuff
1,2,3,4Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Cross R behind L, Kick L leg towards 1:30
5,6,7Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R
8Making ¼ turn towards 6:00 lift and slap R knee
*3rd SKIP-START During Wall 5 (starts at 12:00): After 24 counts skip to Heel Grinds (count 33) and face 6:00

[25-32] Step, ½ Pivot, Jump Out, Clap x2
1,2,3,4Step Forward on R foot, ½ pivot over L shoulder to face 12:00, L foot takes weight
5,6Jump out slightly forward (*Styling Option: 2 feet or R foot then L foot), Hold 6
7,8Clap twice (*Styling Option: Bounce knees OR roll hips OR do what feels good!)

[33-40] Heel Grinding Steps (aka Susie Qs) x3, ¼ Turn, Rock Recover
1,2,3,4Crossing R over L place heel down with toe pointed L, Step L foot to L while rotating on R heel (repeat)
5,6Crossing R over L place heel down with toe pointed L, Step L foot to L while rotating on R heel to make a ¼ turn towards 3:00
7,8Rock R foot back, Recover weight on L

[41-48] Step Forward, Rock Recover, Slide Back, Rock Recover
1-2, 3,4Step R foot forward (hold count 2), Rock L forward, Recover weight to R
5-6,7,8Big Step back with L making a slide, Rock R foot back, recover weight to L
*2nd TAG 48 Counts into Wall 3: Hold 4 counts then restart facing 9:00

[49-56] Toe Strut with hip bump (x2), V-Step
1,2Step R toe forward while bumping/lifting R hip, place heel down
3,4Step L toe forward while bumping/lifting L hip, place heel down
5,6,7,8Step R foot to R diagonal, Step L foot to L diagonal, Step R back, Close L to R

[57-64] Step, ½ Pivot, Scuff, Scoot, Step, Prep, Full Turn
1,2Step R forward, ½ pivot turning over L shoulder and L foot takes weight
3,4,5Scuff R heel forward, hop on L foot while scooting forward, Step R foot down in front
6,7,8(6) Making ½ turn Step L foot in place while prepping (winding up) for turn over L shoulder (7-8) Full 360 degree turn over L shoulder spinning on L leg
(*Styling Option: (7) Making ½ turn over L, step R foot back, (8) making ½ turn over L, step L foot forward)

* 1st TAG After Wall 1: Dance entire 64 counts then hold for 4 counts, restart dance at 3:00

Adia Nuño Satu Ketellapper

Last Update - 5 Mar 2023


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