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Kalde Dem for Du (May I call Your Highness for you)

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Annette Lapp (DK) - October 2022
Kalde Dem for Du - Malte Ebert : (Album: single - Kalde Dem for Du - iTunes)
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Our Queen Margrethe in Denmark has had 50 years of reign this year. At her celebration, one of our Danish artists sang a loving tribute to the queen and asked in the song if he could call her you. Normally you have to say Your Highness to her. He also wanted to have one dance with her and be her prince. A funny, beautiful, touching and poetic song. The Queen seemed to like it.

Intro: 16 count

Sway Right, Left, Cross Shuffle, Sweep Left Over Right, Side, Step Back, Sweep Right Back, Side, Cross
1 – 2Sway right to right, sway left to left
3 & 4Cross right over left, step left to left, cross right over left
5 & 6Sweep left from back over right, step right to side, step left back
7 & 8Sweep right from front to back, step left to left, cross right over left ( 10.30)

Cross Rock to Right Side, Step Side, (9.00) Cross Rock to Left, Step Side, Walk, Walk, Shuffle Forward
1 – 2 &Rock left forward (10.30), recover onto right, 1/8 turn left to left side (9.00)
3 – 4 &Cross rock right, recover onto left, step right to right side
5 - 6Walk forward left, walk forward right
7 & 8Step left forward, step right beside left, step left forward

Step Turn, Step, Mambo Left, Run Back Right, Left, Right, Coaster Step with Cross
1 & 2Step right forward, ½ turn left, step right forward
3 & 4Rock left forward, recover onto right, step left back
5 & 6Run back right, left, right
7 & 8Step left back, right beside left, cross left over right
*Restart wall 2 and 7

Rumba box forward, ¾ walk around
1 &2Step right to right, step left beside right, step right forward
3 & 4Step left to left, right beside left, step left forward
5 - 6step left forward, step right ¼ to left,
7 - 8Step left ¼ left, step right ¼ left

Tag on wall 3 (9.00) and 7 (12.00)
Out, Out, In, In
1 – 2Step right diagonal forward, step left diagonal forward
3 – 4Step right back to center, step left beside right

Restart on wall 2 (9.00) and 5 (12.00) after 24 count

Ending: Wall 7 ends with a Tag. (12.00)



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