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Absolute Beginner
Leslie Fjelltveit (NOR) - September 2022
Y.M.C.A. - Village People
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Grapevine right, step and touch x 2.
1Step RF to the right.
2LF cross behind RF.
3Step RF to the right. .
4Touch LF next to RF.
5Step LF to the left
6Touch RF next
7Step RF to the right
8Touch LF next to RF.

Grapevine left, step and touch x 2
1Step LF to the left
2RF cross behind LF
3Step LF to the left .
4Touch RF next to LF
5RF step to the right
6Touch LF next RF
7Step LF to the left
8Touch RF next to LF

Step back and touch x 2, walk backward RLR together.
1Step RF backwards diagonal to the right
2Touch LF next to RF
3Step LF backwards diagonal to the left
4Touch RF next to LF
5Step back on RF
6Step back on LF
7Step back on RF
8Step Together LF next to RF

Walk forward heel toe x 2 and walk in half circle.
1-2Step forward with RF Heel-toe
3-4Step LF forward Heel-toe
5Step RF forward turning to backwall
6Step LF forward turning to backwall
7Step RF forward turning to backwall
8Step LF forward next to RF

TAG: V step, step RF to the Right, SHAKE your hips
1,2,3,4Step R fwd onto R diagonal (45 deg), Step L fwd onto L diagonal (45 deg),Step R back to centre, Step L beside R
5Step RF to the right

TAG after wall 2,6,10
Its fun to use your arms in the YMCA movement
Start again and GOOD LUCK!

Last Update: 2 Nov 2022


puching October 27, 2022
I love this dance❤️

Lmf October 27, 2022
Thank you so much❤️

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