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Drunk on Stars

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Jennifer Oliphant (USA) - October 2022
Celestial - Ed Sheeran
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Intro: 32 counts

(&1 - 8) Ball rock recover, behind, side, cross & cross, ¼ R step, ½ pivot L with flick, Weight on LF
&, 1-2Step ball of RF next to LF (&), rock step LF to L side (1), recover on RF (2)
3-4Step LF behind RF (3), step RF to R side (4)
5&6Cross LF over RF (5), step ball of RF next to LF (&), cross LF over RF (6)
7-8¼ turn R stepping RF forward (7), ½ pivot L flicking RF up (8) (9:00)

(9-16) Press forward, recover, ball step L, walk R, push forward, sweep x2, cross behind
1-2Press ball of RF forward (1), recover back on LF (2)
&3-4Step ball of RF next to LF (&), step LF forward (3), step RF forward (4)
5-6-7Push LF forward (5), step back on RF sweeping LF front to back (6), step back on LF sweeping RF front to back (7)
8Cross RF behind LF (8) (9:00)

(17-24) Step to L side, cross point, side point, ¼ R sailor prep, full spiral turn L, shuffle forward
1-2-3Step LF out to L side (1), cross point RF in front of LF (2), point RF to R side (3)
4&5¼ R turn sailor – Cross RF behind LF (4), ¼ turn R placing weight on LF (&), touch RF forward in prep for turn (5)
6Place weight onto RF while turning a full spiral turn to the L (6)
7&8shuffle step – step LF forward (7), place RF next to LF(&), step LF forward (8) (12:00)

(25-32) Heel grind with ¼ turn R, coaster step, step lock step, side point
1-2Grind heel of RF from L to R making a ¼ turn to R (1), recover weight back on LF (2)
3&4R coaster step – step RF back (3), step LF next to RF (&), step RF forward (4)
5-6-7Step LF forward (5), Lock RF behind LF (6), step LF forward (7)
8Point RF to R side, weight on LF ready to restart dance on & (8) (3:00)

No tags, no restarts!

Enjoy, and I hope to see you on a dance floor soon!

Please do not alter this script, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Last Update: 28 Oct 2022


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