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Danse Med Meg Selv

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Dans & Moro (NOR), Hege Mari Berg (NOR) & Heidi Brenden (NOR) - October 2022
Danse Med Meg Selv - Morgan Sulele
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Restart - Wall 5 after 16 counts.

[1 – 8]: R Side together, Side Rock & cross x 2
1 - 4Step RF to R side(1), step LF beside RF(2), step RF to right side(3)recover weight on LF(&) Cross R infront of L (4)
5 - 8Step LF to L side(5)step RF beside LF(6) Step LF to Left side(7) recover weight on RF(&) Cross LF infront of LF(8)

[9-16]: R mambo fw, L mambo back, R lockstep fw, step L Fw & Pivot half turn R, step L fw.
1- 4Step RF fw (1) recover weight on LF (&) Step RF beside LF (2), Step LF bw (3) recover weight on RF (&) Step LF beside RF (4)
5-8Step RF fw(5) Lock LF behind RF (&) Step RF fw(6) Step LF fw (7) make ½ turn right facing 6:00(&) Step LF slightly to L diagonal (8)
*Restart the dance after these counts on wall 5😊

[17-24]: 2 x cross samba(botofogo), 1/4 Diamond turn, L Coaster step.
1&2Cross RF infront of LF(1) Step LF to left side(&) Recover weight on RF to right diagonal (2)
3&4Cross LF infront of RF(3) Step RF to right side(&) Recover weight on LF to left diagonal(4)
5&6Cross RF infront of LF (5) Step LF to left side (&) Step RF back to right diagonal (6)
&7&8Hitch LF on right diagonal (&) Step LF bw (7) Step RF together facing 15:00(&) Step LF fw (8)

[25-32]: Side together, Cross shuffle, L Side rockstep, Weave to right side
1-4Step RF to right side(1) Step LF beside RF (2), cross RF in front of LF (3) step LF to left side(&) cross RF in front of LF (4)
5,6Step LF to left side (5) Recover on RF (6)
7&8Cross LF behind RF (7) Step RF to right side (&) Cross LF in front of RF (8)

Start again and smile😊

Start again, have fun and make your own variations😊

Last Update - 28 Oct 2022


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