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Peace On Earth

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Manuela Gustavsson (SWE) & Dirk Leibing (DE) - November 2022
Peace On Earth - The Kelly Family
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Intro : 4 Counts - No Tag, No Restart

(I) Back w. Sweep(2x), Behind Side Cross, Sway, Jazz box, Develop, Hook
1-2Step LF back as you sweep RF (1), Step RF back as you sweep LF(2)
3&aStep LF behind RF(3), Step RF right(&), Cross LF in front of RF(a)
4-5Sway RF right(4), Sway LF left turning 1/8 left(5)(10:30) as you sweep RF
6&aCross RF in front of LF(6), Step LF back(&), Step RF right(a)
7Step LF forward as you develop RF(7)
8Step RF back while hook LF in front of RF

(II) Step, Jazz Box, Rock right, Left, Turn ½ Spiral Full Turn, Step, Ball Step
1Step Lf forward as you sweep RF(still 10:30)
2&aCross RF in front of LF(2), Step LF back(&), Step RF right(a)
3Rock LF to right diagonal(3)(10:30)
4aRecover on RF(4), Step LF left(a)(9:00)
5Rock RF to left diagonal(5)(7:30)
6aRecover on LF(6), Turn ½ right stepping RF forward(a)(1:30)
7Step LF forward with a full spiral turn(1:30)
8aStep RF forward(8), Ball Step LF behind RF(a)

(III) Step w. Sweep, Cross, Side, Back Rock, Weave, Rock, Turn ¼, Side
1Step RF forward as you sweep LF and turn 1/8 right(3:00)
2aCross LF in front of RF(2), Step RF right(a)
3Rock LF back(3)
4aRecover on RF(4), Step LF left(a)
5aCross RF behind LF(5), Step LF left(a)
6aCross Rf in front of LF(6), Step LF left(a)
7Rock RF back(7)
8aRecover on LF(8), turn ¼ left stepping Rf right(a)(12:00)

(IV) Rock, Turn ½, Rock, Turn ½(2x), Jazz Box, Step, Step
1Rock LF back(1)
2aRecover on RF(2), turn ½ right stepping LF back(a)(6:00)
3Rock RF back(3)
4aRecover on LF(4), turn ½ left stepping RF back(a)(12:00)
5Turn ½ left stepping LF forward as you sweep RF(5)(6:00)
6&aCross RF in front of LF(6), Step LF back(&), Step RF right(a)
7-8Step LF forward(7), Step RF forward as you drag LF towards RF(8)

Start again - Have Fun

Manuela Gustavsson -
Dirk Leibing -


Novi3NLD November 5, 2022

ManuG November 5, 2022
Thank you Novi3NLD❤️

Duma Kristina November 14, 2022

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