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Jo Kinser (UK), Hayley Wheatley (UK) & Chloé Ourties (FR) - May 2022
Weekend - Mufasa & Hypeman & Dopamine
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Intro: 36 counts, start at approx 0:18 secs

Section 1: Tap 2x Side R with Rolling Hands, Tap 2x Side L with Rolling Hands, V-Step
1-2RF tap toes side R (1), Step onto RF (2) Rolling Hands to R Side
3-4LF tap toes side L (3), Step onto LF (4) Rolling Hands to L Side
5-6RF step forward and out to R side (5), LF step to L side (6)
7-8RF step back to center (7), LF step next to RF
Counts 5-8 Optional Hands: R Jazz hand out R, L Jazz hand out L, Bring R Jazz hand back to center, Bring L Jazz hand back to center

Section 2: R Hip Bump Fwd, Step, ½ Turn L And L Hip Bump Fwd, Step RF Cross, LF Coaster Step with Push Hands
1-2RF tap toes forward and bump R hip up (1), Step down on RF (2)
3-4½ turn L and LF tap toes forward and bump L hip up (3), Step down on LF (4) 6:00
5-6RF cross over LF (5), LF step back pushing hips back and palms forward (6)
7-8RF step next to LF (7), LF step forward (8)
Counts 1-4 Optional Hands: Push hands forward 2x on the hip bumps, or shimmy

Section 3: Walk Fwd R-L, Step Charleston, Step, LF Scuff Fwd
1-2RF step forward (1), LF step forward (2)
3-4RF step forward (3), LF kick low forward (4)
5-6LF step back (5), R Toe touch back (6)
7-8RF step forward (7), LF scuff forward (8)

Section 4: LF Jazz Box – Point RF And Clap, Rolling Vine Full Turn, ¼ Turn
1-2LF cross over RF (1), RF step back (2)
3-4LF step side L (3), RF point side R and Clap Hands (4)
5-6¼ turn R and RF step forward (9:00) (5), ½ turn R and LF step back (3:00)
7-8½ turn R and RF step forward (9:00) (7), LF step forward (8) 9:00
Easy option 5-8: Grapevine ¼ R

TAG: 4 cts - At the end of wall 8 (12:00)
Tap your R Heel 4x as your L Hand comes from R to L

Ending : Facing (6:00) Finish the Rolling Vine with an extra ¼ R to face (12:00)

Jo, Hayley, Chloé


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