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Hillbilly Hippie

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Ed Evangelista (USA) - November 2022
Hillbilly Hippie - Lainey Wilson
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3rd Place USLDCC Choreography competition, Fun In The Sun, Orlando, FL, July 2023 Beginner/Improver division

#32 Count Intro, Start On Lyrics
Restart On Wall 5 After 16 Counts

Heel Touch, Lunge Right, Heel Touch, Lunge Left
1234Touch R Heel Diagonal Right, Touch R Toe Next To L, Lunge R To Right, Touch L Next To R
5678Touch L Heel Diagonal Left, Touch L Toe Next To R, Lunge L To Left, Touch R Next To L

Toe Strut, Toe Strut, V Step
1234Touch R Toe Forward, Drop R Heel Down, Touch L Toe Forward, Drop L Heel Down
5678Step R Out Diagonally Right, Step L Out Diagonally Left, Bring R Back Diagonally Left, Step L Back Next To R
Restart Dance Here On Wall 5

Vine Right, Vine Left Turning ¼ Left , Turn ¼ Left With Brush
1234Step R Side Right, Step L Behind R, Step R Side R, Touch L Next To R
5678Step L Side Left, Step R Behind L, ¼ Right Stepping Forward On L, Make Another ¼ Turn Left Brushing R

Hip Bump Rlr, Hip Bump Lrl, Rock Back, Recover, Pivot ¼ Turn Left
1&23&4Bump Hips Rlr, Bump Hips Lrl
5678Rock Back On R, Recover To L, Step Forward On R, Pivot ¼ Turn Left Ending Weight On L - 3:00

On Wall 5, Do The First 16 Counts, Then Start The Dance Over

End Of Dance. Enjoy!!


Last Update: 14 Sep 2023


MrEd November 12, 2022
Since this video is blocked, if you go to my Facebook page and look for my posts, I do have a video of this dance that should work. Look under my name, Ed Evangelista, then search for my posts from 11-11-22. Also, on THE WORLD LINE DANCE NEWSLETTER, CAROL C. CRAVEN , the video is there as well and it works.

MrEd November 13, 2022

Susan Loves Country November 16, 2022
I am glad I found these comments Ed. I just created a great demo video of this dance this morning and was unable to post it on YouTube as it blocked me too. I dug a little deeper and learned that it is blocked because the publisher has not released the metadata for public use yet, whatever that means. Unfortunate it seems more like a glitch rather than a valid reason to block. Great dance though! ~ Susan Loves Country

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