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Mercies in Disguise

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Doug Miranda (USA) & Jackie Miranda (USA) - November 2022
Blessings - Laura Story
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Dance starts after 16 counts – CW rotation

Set 1 - Sway, Sway, Step Side, Rock Behind, Recover, ¼ Turn; Step Forward, Pivot ½ Turn, ¼ Turn Sway, Sway
1-3Sway R, sway L, step R to R side
4&5Cross rock L behind R, recover on R, turn ¼ L stepping on L
6&Step forward on R, pivot ½ turn L stepping on L
7-8Turn ¼ L as you sway R, sway L

Set 2 - Step Forward, Full Turn Forward; Step Forward, ½ Turn, Step Forward; ½ Turn, Step Lock Back, Step Drag Back
1,2&3Step forward on R, turn full forward by turning ½ turn R stepping back on L, ½ turn R stepping forward on R,
Step forward on L
4&5Step forward on R, ½ turn L stepping forward on L, step forward on R
&6Turn ½ turn R stepping back on L, step back on R facing at a slight angle to R
&7,8Cross L over R, step back on R at slight angle, drag L next to R straightening up to wall

Set 3 - Cross Step, Step Side, Cross Step Behind, Sweep Behind, Step Side, Cross Sweep, ¼ Turn Cross, Step Side, Behind, Sweep Step Back, Sweep Step Back
1&2Cross step R over L, step L to L side, cross R behind L as you begin to sweep L
3&4Cross step L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R as you begin to sweep R
5&6¼ turn L crossing R over L, step L to L side, cross step L behind R as you begin to sweep
7-8Step L back, sweep R back (weight on R) with L touch slightly forward

Set 4 - Full Turn Forward, Step Lock Forward (with Arm Gesture); Rock Forward, Recover, ½ Turn Sailor Cross
1&2Turn full L turn forward by stepping forward on L, ½ turn L back stepping back on R, turn ½ L stepping forward on L
3&4Step forward on R, step cross L behind R, step forward on R (raise R arm up as you move forward)
5-6Rock forward on L as you lower R arm and raise L arm, recover on R as you lower L arm
7&8Sweep into a 1/2 turn L stepping L to L side, step R to R, cross L over R

Start Again!

Ending: You will already be facing the front wall at the end of the dance; complete the last set of 8 of
Set 4 and slowly step R to R side as you raise your arms to waist level from your sides


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