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Grief (哀情記)

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DQLD (INA) - November 2022
Ai Ching Ji (哀情記) - A-Lin (黃麗玲) : (Love You Seven Times OST)
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Intro : 32c - 3 Tags, No Restarts

Section 1: Step Right, Behind, 1/4R Forward, 3/8R Touch together, Forward, Hitch, Back, 1/8L Touch to L
1 2Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF
3 4Turn ¼ R Step RF forward (03.00), Turn 3/8 R Drag LF and touch beside RF (07.30)
5 6Step Step LF frwd, Hitch RF
7 8Step back RF, Turn 1/8L Touch LF to L (06.00)

Section 2: Touch Lf diagonal right back, unwind 3/4L, Small jump back, Step back, back, touch back, Hold
1 2Turn 1/8L Touch LF diagonal right back (04.30), Hold
3 4Unwind ¾ Turn L (07.30) change weight to LF, Hold
5 6Step RF back hitching LF, Step Lf back
&7 8Step Rf back, Touch LF back, Hold

Section 3: Step across, Hold, 1/4R step forward, Hold, 1/4R hitch, step down, raise hip, lower hip
1 2Turn 1/8 L Step LF across RF (06.00), Hold
3 4Turn ¼ R Step Rf forward (09.00), Hold
5 6Turn ¼ R Hitch LF (12.00), Step down LF to L (RF touch to R)
7 8Keep weight on LF raise right hip up, put right hip down

Section 4 : Rocking Chair, Step together, Hold, Step LF forward, Turn 1/2L raise RF behind
1 2Step RF forward, Recover LF
3 4Step RF back, Recover LF
5 6Step RF beside LF, Hold
7 8Step LF forward, Keep weight on LF Turn ½ L while raise up RF behind (06.00)

TAG: After Wall 2 (12.00), Wall 6 (12.00) and Wall 7 (06.00)
1234Rock RF to R, Recover LF, Rock RF back, Recover LF

Note : As we want to make it simple, starting 3:38 when the music stop and slow down, just dance as the normal beats till the end. Or you can make changes or substitute to match the tempo, we don’t mind, we are okay with that 

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Marchy Susilani December 4, 2022
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