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Easy Intermediate
Anthony Maxence (FR) - December 2022
Hypnosis - Green Lads
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Start: 2x8 - Restart wall 4

[1:8] L Fwrd, L Heels Twist, L Coaster Step , Heel Switches RLR, R Hook, R Heel
1&2Touch L fwd (1), Swivel both heels to the L(&) and Recover (2) (Weight on L)
3&4L Bwd (3), Step R next to L(&), Step L fwd(4)
5&6&7Tap R Heel fwd (5), Together(&), Tap L Heel fwd (6), Together(&), Tap R Heel (7)
&8R Hook in front of L shin (&), Tap R Heel fwd (8)
Restart wall 4, facing 3:00

[9:16] Ball, L Side Rock , Behind Side Cross, R Side Rock, Unwind ½ turn
&1-2Together(&), L Side Rock on the L(1), Recover (2) (Weight on R)
3&4Cross L behind R(3), Right on Right side(&), Cross L over R(4)
5-6R Side Rock on the R (5), Recover (6)
7-8Cross R Behind L(7), Unwind ½ turn R (8) (Weight on R)

[17:24] L Slide , Drag R, Kick R, Ball Cross L, Side, Behind, ¼ turn Shuffle Fwd
1-2Slide Left foot on L(1) and Drag Right Foot(2)
3&4R Kick to R diagonal (3), Together(&), L cross over R(4)
5-6Right on R side(5), Cross L behind R(6)
7&8¼ Turn to R Triple forward ( R(7)L(&)R(8) )

[25-32] L ½ Turn, Triple 1/2 Turn, R Coaster Step, L & R Walk
1-2L fwd(1), Turn ½ t to R, Recover (2) (Weight on R)
3&4Triple ½ t to R ( L(3), R(&), L(4) )
5&6R bwd (5), L next to R(&), R fwd(6)
7-8Step L fwd(7), Step R fwd(8)

[33:40] L Fwd, Touch R Back , Shuffle Back RLR, L Coaster Step, R Fwd, L Touch Back
1-2Step L fwd(1), Tap R Toes behind Left Foot (2) (Weight on L)
3&4R Triple Step bwd, ( R(3)L(&)R(4) )
5&6L Bwd L(5), R next to L(&), L fwd(6)
7-8R fwd(7), Tap L Toes behind Right Foot(8) (Weight on R)

[41:48] Shuffle Bwd LRL, R Coaster Step, Step ½ Turn twice
1&2R Triple Step bwd, ( L(1)R(&)L(2) )
3&4R Bwd (3), L next to R(&), R fwd(4)
5678L fwd (5), ½ to the R(6), (Weight on R) x2 (7) (8) end facing 9:00

[49:56] L Slide, R Kick, Behind Side Cross, Touch and Heel, And Touch and Heel
1-2L Slide(1), R Kick to R diagonal (2)
3&4R cross behind L(3), L on L side(&), R cross over L(4)
5&6Tap L Toes Behind Right foot(5), L Ball (&), R heel fwd(6),
&7&8R recover(&), Tap L Toes Behind R(7), L Ball(&), R heel fwd(8)

[57-64] And L Side Rock, Behind Side Cross, Out Out In Touch
&1-2R Recover(&), L Side Rock on the L(1), Recover (2) (Weight on R)
3&4Cross L behind R(3), R on R side(&), Cross L over R(4)
5-6R fwd towards R diagonal(out - 5), L fwd towards L diagonal(out - 6)
7-8R bwd (in - 7), Touch L next to R(8) (Weight on R)

Last Update - 10 Dec 2022


Teresa1968 February 7, 2023
Great dance xx.

Jules56 February 24, 2023
Amazing dance real feel good factor class love it x

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