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Always Remember (항상 기억할게요)

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Miyeol (KOR) & Amo (KOR) - December 2022
Always Remember Us This Way - Lady Gaga
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Intro – : 2 counts (app. 2 sec into track)

Sec 1. Back rock, recover, diagonal fwd, 3/8turn R touch(3:00), fwd, fwd, 1/2turn L, back hold(weight R)
1 , 2Rock Rf back, recover on Lf
3 , 4STEP Rf diagonal fwd L, 3/8turn R touch Lf beside Rf
5 , 6Step Lf fwd, step Rf fwd
&7 , 81/2turn L step Lf back, hold(9:00)

Sec 2. Foot change, fwd, spiral 3/4turn L
&1 - 2Step Rf next to Lf(weight Rf), step Lf fwd
3 , 4Step Rf fwd, spiral 3/4turn L
5 , 6Slowly raise your left arm
7 , 8Slowly lower your left arm

Sec 3. Rolling turn, side point, hold, back rock, recover, toe touch, Step in place(weight R)
1&, 21/4turn L Lf fwd, 1/2turn L Rf back, 1/4turn L Lf side
3 , 4Point Rf to R side, hold
5 , 6Rock Rf, back, recover on Lf
7 , 8Toe touch Rf diagonal fwd, step Rf in place(weight R)

Sec 4. Fwd, 5/8turn R, fwd, side rock recover together X 2
1 , 2Step Lf fwd, 5/8turn R(weight Rf)
3 , 4Step Lf fwd, hold
5 & 6Rf to R side, recover on Lf, step Rf together rock
7 & 8Rock Lf to L side, recover on Rf, step Lf together

Restart : 5th wall 20count next restart


hee yon December 16, 2022

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