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Keep This Fire Burning

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - December 2022
Keep This Fire Burning - HOLA!
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Thanks to my wife for finding the music

Step forward, hitch knee up, step back, look back, step forward, ¼ turn left, step right, behind side forward.
1LF step forward.
2Hitch up right Knee.
3RF step backwards.
4Lock backwards over right shoulder
5LF step forward.
6¼ turn left, RF step right.
7LF cross behind RF.
&RF step Right.
8LF cross forward RF.

Point and out, hold, (snake roll) and out, pressure step right, ¼ turn right, touch together, kick ball step forward.
1Point RF right.
&RF close LF.
2LF step out to left.
3Start snake roll to the left or hold.
&RF closes LF.
4LF step left.
5RF Pressure step right
6¼ turn right, RF closes next to LF.
7Kick RF forward.
&RF closes next to LF
8LF step forward.

Lock behind, ½ turn right, step forward, ¼ turn left, ¼ turn right, ¼ turn left, sailor step left.
1RF lock behind LF
2½ turn right.
3RF step forward.
4¼ turn left.
5¼ turn right.
6¼ turn left.
7LF backwards.
&RF closes next to LF.
8LF step left.

Rocking chair, rocking chair, ball change, ½ turn left, shuffle forward.
1RF cross in front of LF.
2Recover weight on LF
&RF closes next to LF.
3LF crosses in front of RF
4Recover weight on RF.
&LF closes next to RF.
5RF step forward.
6½ turn left, weight on LF.
7RF forward.
&LF closes next to RF.
8RF step forward.

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raymond sarlemijn December 17, 2022
Hei Everyone,
Thank you so very much for recording the choreography.
Unbelievable how great it is to see and how many talented dancers are out there.
I am very honored:-)
Best regards,

DancingQueen December 31, 2022
LOVE this dance and music!!!

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