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Wild as Her

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Easy Improver
Susanne Oates (UK) - December 2022
Wild as Her - Corey Kent
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#32 Count intro.
One Restart: Wall 11 starts at 6o’clock. Dance up to and including Count 20. Restart the dance now facing 3o’clock.

Stomp. Hold. Ball. Step. Brush. Jazz Box with Touch.
1 2Step forward on Right. Hold.
&3 4Step ball of Left beside Right. Step forward on Right. Brush Left beside Right.
5 6Cross Left over Right. Step back on Right.
7 8Step Left to side. Touch Right beside Left.

Rolling Vine Right (or Vine Right). Touch. Vine 1/4 Turn Left. Brush.
9 10¼ turn Right stepping forward on Right. ½ turn Right stepping back on Left.
11 12¼ turn Right stepping Right to side. Touch Left beside Right.
13 14Step Left to side. Cross Right behind Left.
15 16¼ turn Left stepping forward on Left. Brush Right beside Left. (9o’clock)
(Easier option 9-12: instead of the Rolling Vine just Vine Right Touch.}

K Step ending with Brush.
17 18Step forward on Right to Right diagonal. Touch Left beside Right.
19 20Step back on Left to Left diagonal. Touch Right beside Left.
Restart here Wall 11
21 22Step back on Right to Right diagonal. Touch Left beside Right.
23 24Step forward on Left to Left diagonal. Brush Right beside Left.

1/4 Turn Left. Side Rock. Cross. Hold. Side Rock. 1/4 Turn Right. Step. Scuff.
25 26¼ Left turn rocking Right to side. Recover onto left. {6o’clock)
27 28Cross Right over Left. Hold.
29 30Rock left to side. ¼ Right turn recovering onto Right. (9o’clock)
31 32Stepping forward on left. Scuff right beside left.



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