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Country Boys

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Adia Nuno (USA) & Aleigha Elston (USA) - January 2023
Country Boys - Shane Profitt
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Begin after 16 counts. 1 Restart + 1 Tag w/Restart

[Section 1: Counts 1-8] Rock Recover, Back Side Together, Cross, Side, Heel Jack
1, 2Rock RF forward, recover weight to LF
3 & 4Step RF back, step LF to L side with toes facing 1:30, Close RF to LF
5, 6Cross L over R, Step RF to R side
7 & 8 &Step LF behind R, Step RF to R side, present L heel forward, Step LF in place

[Section 2: Counts 9-16] Heel Grind, Step, Coaster Step, 1/2 Pivot, Scuff Hitch
1, 2Putting weight onto R heel twist making a 1/8 turn to face 12:00, step LF in place
(*TAG w/restart here on 5th wall)
3&4Step RF back, Step LF next to RF, Step RF forward
5,6Step LF forward, making a ½ turn over R shoulder shift weight to RF
7,8Scuff L heel & lift L heel into hitch, tap L toe next to RF

[Section 3: Counts 17-24] Slide/Drag, Rock Recover, Triple Step, Swayx2
1-2, 3, 4Big step with LF to L side dragging RF (counts 1-2), step RF diagonally behind L, recover weight to LF
5 & 6Step RF to R side, close LF to RF, step RF to R side
7, 8Shift weight to LF, shift weight to RF (Variation: instead of shifting weight, stomp on LF then RF on 7, 8)

[Section 4: Counts 25-32] Rock Recover, Triple Step, ½ Pivot, Kick Ball change
1, 2Making ¼ turn over L shoulder rock LF back, recover weight on R
3 & 4Step LF forwards towards 9:00, Close RF to LF, step LF forwards towards 9:00
(* 1st Restart here on wall 2)
5, 6Step RF forward, making a ½ turn over L shoulder shift weight to LF
7 & 8Kick RF forward, step RF in place, step LF in place

RESTART Happens during section 4, on the 2nd Wall (dance begins facing 9:00) dance 28 counts and restart facing 12:00 after triple step.

TAG/RESTART Happens during section 2, Dance 5th wall (begins facing 6:00), dance 10 counts and after heel grind and back step, in place of a R coaster step just rock RF back (count 3) recover weight to FL (count 4) then begin the dance from the top (facing 6:00)

END Dance finishes at 3:00 with Rock forward, you can slow pivot towards 12:00 putting hands as if on your hat or belt buckle

Have fun and remember to “Dance all Out, Your Way!”

Adia Nuño - Aleigha Elston


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