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Ay Dios

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High Beginner
Maryse Gagnon (CAN) & Stéphane Beauchamp (CAN) - January 2023
Ay Dios - CNCO : (iTunes / Amazon)
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Intro: 8 counts - No Tags and No restarts

S. 1 Cross Rock, Chasse Right, Forward Touch Slightly crossing over right, Side Touch, L Sailor 1/4 turn L.
1 2Cross R over L, Recover on L
3 & 4Step R Side, Step L next to R, Step R Side
5 6Step L Forward Touch Slightly crossing over R, Step L Side Touch
7 & 8Step L behind R making a 1/4 turn L, Step R Beside L, Step L Slightly Forward

S. 2 Two Cross Sambas, Step Forward R, 1/2 Left turn pivot recover on L, Forward Shuffle.
1 & 2Step R Forward Slightly crossing over L, Step L Side, Step R Recover
3 & 4Step L Forward Slightly crossing over R, Step R Side, Step L Recover
5 6Step R Forward, 1/2 Left turn pivot recover on L
7 & 8Step R Forward, Step L next to R, Step R Forward

S. 3 Step Forward L, Hitch right knee up, Diagonal steps back with touches, Back Shuffle, Rock Back L.
1 2Step L Forward, Hitch up right Knee
& 3Step Diagonally back on RF, Touch L next to R
& 4Step Diagonally back on LF, Touch R next to L
5 & 6Step R Back, Step L next to R, Step R Back
7 8Rock back on L, Recover on R

S. 4. Shuffle 1/2 turn R, Rock Back R, R Kick Ball Change, R Side Rock.
1 & 2Make a 1/2 Right Turn shuffling back L, R, L
3 4Rock back on R, Recover on L
5 & 6Kick R Forward, Step ball of R next to L, Step L next to R
7 8Rock R to R side, Recover on L

Ending: On Wall 10, section 4 at (8) as you recover on Left you add a 1/2 Turn left pivot and Step side on Right at (9).

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Glories January 5, 2023
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Maryse G. January 5, 2023
Thanks a lot my friend!❤️

Novi3NLD January 5, 2023

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